PUMA’s Gaming Socks Shoes and Referrer Links

PUMA has announced new gaming socks and shoes, with a ridiculous idea of somehow being better for gaming than a pair of Crocs. I don’t really care enough about the actual socks or shoes to delve too far into them. The socks have “different modes” for some reason which is just whatever and the shoes are whatever as well. I mean, I just don’t care a fool and their money, right?

Created with console gamers in mind, the gaming sock is the first edition Active Gaming Footwear. Designed for indoor and in-arena use, it delivers seamless comfort, support and grip so gamers can adapt to different active gaming modes and game their best.

PUMA’s Website (UK)

What is interesting, when clicking the links on a few gaming sites is noticing that there are referrer links in play. While, not specifically big news to anyone, I find it absolutely hilarious and silly that they’re trying to bank in on what I would consider one of the most exploitative products that you could have. I mean, $100 for some socks is far more than the $15 that top of the line running socks would cost you or the $5 a pair of Crocs are at any discount luxury store like Nordstrom Off Rack.

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I mean, that’s silly to try and make money off of gaming socks. I mean, absolutely silly. I mean just ain’t right. No one should promote these as anything other than a massive gimmick, which they are. They’re socks, with soles attached and a massive “gaming” markup. They’re not something anyone in the gaming community should support, unless people REALLY find the shoe sock hybrids to actually REALLY up their “gaming” skills.

They look like they hurt for any length of walking around in. I worry about the grip if you’re playing VR, which is something you don’t want to trip when doing. They don’t look like they’re made with the top of the line materials. You can buy ASICs or other premium sneaker brands for comfort / running / walking / etc. for half the price, especially at outlet stores or during sales.

Anyway, I just thought I’d bring it up. Check the links you click from certain sites before you click off. You never know when referrer links sneak in and for something this silly it’s just hard in my mind to see the justification. Now, I mean, sites have to monetize especially with advertising revenue not nowhere near it’s 2000s peak and Amazon / Newegg referrer links power a lot of top hardware list sites, but I find that far more honest than gaming footwear.

What do you think? You think you need extra special socks to game in or you happy with a big pack of tube socks from your local big box store. Let us know here or on social media.

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