A Plague Tale: Innocence Achievement and Collectibles Guide

It's time to go achievement hunting.

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Asobo Studio’s A Plague Tale: Innocence hit stores on Tuesday, May 14. Since then, the game has been earning high accolades from critics and has been garnering waves of excited players. To that end, we have developed a detailed guide to the game for all of the achievement hunters out there.

Guide to Success

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There are 35 achievements within A Plague Tale. In order to earn some of these achievements, you will have to find a number of collectibles. That being said, there are no achievements within the game that are tied to the game’s difficulty. In fact, there are no difficulty options at all.

So, you should only have to play through the game a single time to earn all of the achievements. If you miss an achievement, you can always return to the necessary portion of the game through chapter select.

Overall, getting all of the achievements in A Plague Tale is not as overwhelming of a task as in many other games. Perhaps the toughest part will simply be finding all of the collectibles. That being said, you can see where each collectible is located down below.

All in all, it should take roughly 12 hours to earn every achievement within this title.

Order of Operation

In order to be as efficient as possible with your playtime, it is suggested that you focus your efforts during your playthrough of the game on collecting as many crafting materials as you can. Two of the achievements within the game will require you to fully upgrade your sling and all of your equipment. Achieving these goals should be your top priority.

During this process, there will be a number of achievements that you cannot miss. By simply completing each chapter, you will earn a number of achievements. That being said, there are also a number of chapter specific achievements and collectibles that you will have to worry about.

If you choose to not fret over these final achievements just yet, that is okay. Since you can always go back to a section of the game through chapter select, going back to mop up any final achievements or collectibles will not add too much time to your playthrough.

To that end, here is a list of every achievement within the game.

The de Rune LegacyComplete chapter 1
The StrangersComplete chapter 2
RetributionComplete chapter 3
The ApprenticeComplete chapter 4
The Ravens’ SpoilsComplete chapter 5
Damaged GoodsComplete chapter 6
The Path Before UsComplete chapter 7
Our HomeComplete chapter 8
In the Shadow of RampartsComplete chapter 9
The Way of RosesComplete chapter 10
AliveComplete chapter 11
All That RemainsComplete chapter 12
PenanceComplete chapter 13
Blood TiesComplete chapter 14
RemembranceComplete chapter 15
CoronationComplete chapter 16
Knights!Complete all chapters
HerbalistFind 6 flowers
BotanistFind all flowers
Curiosities hunterFind 13 curiosities
Curiosities collectorFind all curiosities
Big sisterFin all the gifts for the orphans
Not a toy anymoreFully upgrade the sling
Handfull of pocketsFull upgrade the equipment
AlchemistCraft 100 munitions
Resource sharingEnter into the 5 alchemist carts
More practiceComplete the aiming training
Feeding the hungryFind a lunch for Hugo
Found!Play hide-and-seek
SaviorSave a soldier
TributeFind the tomb
The hard wayEnter through the main door
MercifulSave the dying
Captain SidekickStay with the captain
The BlacksmithFind Rodric’s forge

Where to Find The Collectibles

In order to earn all of the achievements in A Plague Tale, you will need to track down three different categories of collectibles, as well as a lunch for a character named Hugo.


If you would like help finding all of the flowers within the game, check out the video below as provided by Trophygamers.


If you would like help finding all of the curiosities within the game, check out the video below as provided by Trophygamers.


If you would like to find all of the gifts in A Plague Tale, check out the video below as provided by Trophygamers.

Lunch for Hugo

In chapter two, Hugo will mention he is hungry a number of times. Within the village is an apple tree filled with apples. Once you have found the tree, approach it and interact with the fruit-bearing plant to earn this achievement. You will find the tree near a closed door with a white X marked upon it. A photo of the tree’s location can be viewed below.

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