Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 Achievements and Collectibles Guide

Want to nab all of Life is Strange 2's episode three collectibles? Check out the guide down below.

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The third episode of Life is Strange 2 hit stores on May 9, causing a hoard of players to leap back into Dontnod Entertainment’s latest title. With that in mind, we have concocted a quick guide to unlocking all nine of the achievements and finding all six of the collectibles available within the game’s latest episode.

Achievement #1: American Graffiti

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The first achievement you will be able to pick up is pretty easy to achieve. All you have to do is start any drawing during the episode. There will be multiple chances for you to jot down a quick sketch. However, one of the most noticeable prompts is near your tent in the beginning of the episode. Simply approach the nearby stump, as illustrated above, and follow the prompt to “Sit and Draw.”

Achievement #2: The Dharma Bums

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The second achievement is gained by finding the first collectible of the episode. To do this, you will not have to stray far from the stump on which you drew your sketch. Approach the dog right next to the stump and follow the prompt “Pet,” as illustrated above.

After doing this, the dog will move to a second location. Follow the dog and pet it again when prompted. After this, the dog will move a third and final time. Behind Jacob’s tent, the dog will then dig up a small bird’s skull that you can then pick up to earn the first collectible of the episode and the second achievement. The skull can be seen within the illustration below.

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Achievement #3: Train of Thought

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For the next achievement, you will need to excel in mini-game. During the episode, you will find yourself cutting marijuana leaves in a mini-game. You will have to successfully cut at least eight plants before the conversation at hand comes to an end.

Next, look into the pile of leaves in the center of the table. You will notice a pen, which is illustrated below. Pick up the object to earn the next collectible and third achievement.

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Achievement #4: Zero Hugs Given

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For the next achievement, you will want to wait until you find yourself back at camp. After having a conversation with him, Finn will eventually wander away. Follow him. Finn will sit down against a tree near the edge of camp and begin carving a piece of wood, which can be seen illustrated above.

Speak with Finn. A few moments after you finish your conversation, Finn will toss the piece of wood he has been carving behind the nearby tree. Pick up the carving to earn the next collectible and to unlock the next achievement.

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Achievement #5: Green Thumbs

After completing your chores, you can start your journey to the next collectible and achievement. You will eventually find yourself down by the lake amidst a conversation with Danielle. After the conversation ends, turn around and begin scanning the edge of the map near all of the fallen logs. Behind one of the logs is a fossil, your next collectible and achievement unlock. The item can be seen within the illustration below.

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Achievement #6: Dancing Days

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Wait until you return to the camp at night for the next collectible and achievement. You will know you are at the right spot in the game when you notice a party going on.

Talk to Cassidy to initiate getting your tattoo and to initiate Cassidy’s prompt to meet her by the lake. However, do not go to the lake first. Rather, go the campfire and talk to Ingrid.

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Ingrid will then inform you that she plans to throw out some of her belongings, but you can take some of those belongings if you wish. Next, visit Ingrid’s tent to grab the souvenir that is visible in front. This will unlock the next achievement.

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Achievement #7: One of Us

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For the final collectible and the next achievement, you will have to wait until the heist mission presents itself. There are two branching choices for how you want to do the heist. However, you can get what you need in either path.

If you planned the heist with Finn and Daniel, then check the nearby car doors after Daniel breaks open the gate. This will initiate a “search” segment. Behind a nearby pickup truck will be a yellow locker. Get Daniel to open the locker by using his powers. Within the locker on the top shelf will be the “cartridge” you need.

If you chose to catch up with Cassidy, rather than plan the heist with Finn and Daniel, then you will still have to search the car doors when you enter the heist area a little later. Then, grab the tools at the nearby bench to break open the locker and grab the cartridge.

Achievement #8: Lost Boys Chronicles

This achievement is pretty straight forward. You need to find all of the collectibles within the episode to unlock this one. If you have followed the directions listed above, then you have already discovered all six of the collectibles and have unlocked this achievement.

Achievement #9: Adrift

This achievement is also straight forward. All you have to do to unlock this achievement is finish the entire episode. After that, you should have all nine of the achievement and all six of the collectibles available within Life is Strange 2: Episode 3.

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