Final Fantasy VII: Remake Trailer Enrages and Excites Fans

The Internet is ravenous for something to be conflicted about and right now it’s the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Why? Because it’s apparent that Square Enix is going in another direction with FF7. The recent trailer shows a different game than FF7, something that looks to be real time action based vs. turn based like the original. It also shows cutscenes from the original that diverse greatly from how they looked in the original. To put it simply, Final Fantasy VII: Remake won’t be a remastered version of FF7 but instead a remade one.

Is this bad? I mean, look at StarCraft: Remastered. It’s like, an okay game right. The graphics are a bit easier on the eyes. It’s nice. Just sort of nice. Blizzard did a super careful job of keeping it the same game, just with prettier graphics and working out of the box in Windows 10. Nice job. Then there is Secret of Mana remade on PC that still has people angry about the “upgrade.” FF7 is perfect for what it is and any change to it is going to ruin the magic.

So why not go for the gold? Why not just say you know what, I’m going to the moon with this. Make the characters pretty. Tie the movie into the story. Have the combat be wild and crazy. Change the story around some and introduce some awesome characters. There is only two ways this game is coming out and that’s either as the original game with new textures or something new, original and fun.

The keyword is fun. If it’s not fun, if it misses the mark, then fans are going to be even more mad than they are right now. However, from looking at the trailer, something tells me that Square-Enix is likely comprised of massive FF7 fans (who wouldn’t be) and will do it due justice. There wasn’t anything that stuck out to me in the trailer that was offensive or just way too far out there.

In the meantime, I think there is an AI right now working on retexturing / upscaling older games. I really hope game developers get in on that and offer like AI optimized textures as a free upgrade on their classic games. I know right now the original FF7 is like $15.99. Add another $4 and use the AI to optimize the textures then go in and clean it up and do a few manual upgrades. That right there is probably going to be the best ever FF7 re-release.

I have a hard time going back and replaying some games. I usually forget a lot of the game after 5 or 10 years, but then when I go back halfway through the rest of the story is pretty much all back in my head and I lose a lot of motivation. I tried to replay FFX on the PlayStation 4 and just couldn’t make it through it. I got about ten hours in and that was it. Having the game throw in a few new curve balls would really help me stay interested in playing.

Anyway, what do you think? Do you want the FF7 story never touched ever or you excited about trying this new game they’re making? Let us know in the comments below.

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