Top Five Advanced Tips for Hearts of Iron IV – A Winner’s Guide

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Paradox Development Studio’s Hearts of Iron IV has amassed an incredible following of truly passionate players. Ever since its release back in 2016, the game has been pulling new players back to their PCs to play this wonderful grand strategy game. To that end, we have developed a quick guide to the top five tips for players to take advantage of.

1. Farm Army Experience With One Division

This may seem somewhat odd, but the tactic totally works. Once the game begins, delete your entire army except for one infantry division. When doing this, you will not lose manpower or equipment. Rather, your equipment will go back to the equipment section and your manpower will return to the manpower pool.

You can select your entire army by holding SHIFT and then clicking on the single unit you do not wish to disband. Try to single out the infantry division with the most battalions. After you have done this, assign your solitary infantry division to a general and start the training process.

Training your infantry division will provide you with army experience. The trick here, however, is that the amount of army experience you receive is dependent on the percentage of your divisions that are training rather than the total number of training units. Consequently, you will receive maximum army experience by reducing your army to a single infantry division and then training that solitary division.

2. Important Land Doctrines

When it comes to the land doctrines, there are a few important things to look out for.

Mobile Warfare

This doctrine can be incredibly useful. You will need to prioritize your force’s speed and general maneuverability so that you can always apply pressure to your enemies. The incredible buffs you will get concerning vehicles makes this doctrine an incredible path to follow. By the end of the tree, you will earn a sizable boon to your recruitable manpower.

Superior Firepower

This doctrine is all about damage. Focus on both you hard attack and soft attack damage output with this doctrine. Concerning your division template, this doctrine goes quite well will artillery forces.

Grand Battleplan

This doctrine offers a more well rounded collection of buffs and improvements. Make sure to plan with your generals to make the most out of this doctrine.

Mass Assault

The primary benefit of this focus is the percentage boost to recruitable manpower, which will make a massive difference in your game. You can also make larger divisions, as well as gain some less impressive but well rounded assortment of buffs to your division.


Mobile warfare is useful if you are playing Germany or if you simply want more movement out of your forces. Superior Firepower, however, is the best focus to use in most scenarios. However, the percentage boost to recruitable manpower offered by Mobile Warfare and Mass Assault are also incredibly worthwhile throughout the game.

Grand Battleplan is really only suggested if you fully utilize your generals. The focus is effective, but simply demands more micro-management to take advantage of.

Mass Assault provides an excellent manpower boost, but ultimately falls a little flat compared to Superior Firepower or Mobile Warfare. Consider focusing your time on those two doctrines.

3. The Best Production Plan

Focus on civilian factories first. Civilian factories build other factories, making them paramount during the early phase of the game. Try to build at least eight civilian factories and try to collect at least four more factories from focus trees and economic laws. After you ultimately have 12 to 15 civilian factories, you will be able to sufficiently produce military factories.

When it comes to developing your weapons and infantry equipment, the key is balance. Start out with some base weapons and a little infantry equipment before working on your artillery.

Remember that it will take time for your factories to become perfectly efficient, as they only begin at 10% efficiency and gradually increase with time. Consequently, lines of equipment that do not require upgrades, such as motorized equipment and support equipment, will likely become staples for your armed forces throughout the war.

4. How to Use Your Armies Effectively

To use your armies well, you will have to perfect your management of the troops. Try to not wedge random troops together into your army. Consider the actual advantages each unit can provide and customize your armed forces to fit your needs.

For instance, you should focus on infantry units if you are battling enemies across a large war front. You can then deploy your infantry throughout your war front and they will spread out to evenly cover the area. After that, begin reinforcing areas on the war front with specialized forces as the situation demands. For instance, armored tanks can be a great way to punch through a faltering front line.

In order to manage your forces on the battlefield, hold right-click and draw the section you would like to select with the front line selection tool. With this tool, you can micro-manage your armed forces. This can be a great way to fully utilize your army on the front lines.

5. Form Fortifications at a Strategic Line

It is important to fortify your lands in the event of an invasion. To do this, however, you will have to take advantage of the landscape.

If another country decides to invade you, then the game will end quite quickly if you are not prepared. Find a nearby landmark to use to your advantage. For instance, a nearby river or mountain can make for a wonderfully defensible position. After narrowing down your strategic line of landmarks, fortify the line with land forts and build a battle plan for the potential invasion.

It is important to be prepared before danger strikes in Hearts of Iron IV. When it comes to preparing for invasions, things are certainly no different.

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