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How to Improve Your Kill Count in Call of Duty: Mobile – A Tips and Tricks Guide | Gaming Tier List

How to Improve Your Kill Count in Call of Duty: Mobile – A Tips and Tricks Guide

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Call of Duty: Mobile is here and it is cultivating a massive group of players. If you want to be able to keep up with the crowd, then you are going to have to bring some serious skills to the table. Luckily, there are some rather simple things you can do to improve your play.

For starters, your control scheme makes a significant difference to your performance. Better yet, there are a few strategies and hiding spots that can really improve your play. Check out the tips below for the details.

1. Pre-Fire Before Turning Corners

This tip applies to most competitive first-person shooters. Still, it needs to be said all the same.

Finding success in Call of Duty is all about learning how to get the drop on your opponents. In order to do that, you will need to make sure you are always able to mount an attack before your enemies can.

A great way to achieve this is to begin firing as you turn around corners while exploring each map. After all, Call of Duty has its fair of campers.

Simply let a few rounds loose as you turn each corner to ensure that you will never be ambushed. As you gain experience, you will learn which areas require the most caution.

2. You Can Change Your Shotguns to Hip Fire

For the most part, hip firing is not advised in Call of Duty: Mobile. That being said, it can be a wonderful tool for anyone looking to utilize the game’s shotguns.

When it comes to using the shotgun, the name of the game is speed. Ramp things up by making your way to the custom control settings and toggling the hip fire setting for the shotgun. This way, you can dish out damage in less time.

3. You Can Fire From Underwater

As mentioned before, you are going to want to find as many ways to get the drop on your enemies as you can. One great way to achieve this is to wade into the deep.

Once you are underwater you will be hidden from enemies. Better yet, you can still fire at your foes for underneath the waves.

Of course, take note of where players are spending most of their time on the map first. It may turn out that you are playing with experienced players that have learned to check the waters.

If not, however, this technique can be a great way to easily take out an unsuspecting foe.

4. Play With Headphones for a Huge Advantage

Like with any other competitive shooter, headphones can give you a massive advantage over your opponents. Call of Duty: Mobile is no different.

As this is a mobile game, most players are not using headphones. As a result, you will likely experience an even larger advantage by using headphones to enhance your game.

By doing so, you will be able to more effectively pinpoint where footsteps and other sounds are coming from within the game. This will act as a form of radar, allowing you to better locate enemies and avoid danger.

5. Take Advantage of the Advanced Control Scheme

The standard control scheme for Call of Duty: Mobile is effective enough for unfamiliar players. That being said, more experienced Call of Duty players will want to switch over to the advanced control scheme if they want to improve their play.

The standard controls allow you to automatically shoot enemies as you zip around the map. However, you can choose between a variety of advanced controls that will give you a little more control of your gameplay. For instance, the ADS settings allows you to aim down your sights as you fire your weapons.

Finding an advanced control scheme that fits your playstyle is vital to improving your kill score.

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