A Guide to Unlocking the Secret Ending in Blasphemous – Every Confessor Statue Location

Check out each statue location down below.

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Blasphemous is one brutally intense video game. An action platformer not quite like any other, this game is equal parts unforgiving and greatly rewarding. That being said, there is more to this game’s finale than initially meets the eye.

Blasphemous has two endings. One ending is arguably “bad,” while the title’s secret ending is seemingly more gratifying following the player’s gruesome journey to redemption. If you want to earn the game’s secret ending, then you are going to need to follow these steps.

How to Unlock the Secret Ending in Blasphemous

There is a “good” and “bad” ending in Blasphemous. If you want to earn the game’s arguably better ending, then you are going to need to put in some additional work.

Throughout the game, there are a series of confessor statues. These statues will absolve you of your guilt. However, it will come at a cost. If you use these statues, you will no longer have to collect your corpse upon death. That being said, you will want to destroy these statues instead if you want the secret ending.

However, there are a few steps to follow first.

Obtain The Weight Of True Guilt

The first thing you will need to do is obtain The Weight Of True Guilt. An item you have likely become familiar with is the Immaculate Bead. This rosary, found within the Brotherhood of Silent Sorrows, can absorb your guilt whenever you perish. That being said, it also has another purpose.

First, equip the rosary. Then, die three times. After your third death, the rosary will transform into the Weight of True Guilt.

This item will come in handy later.

Destroy Every Confessor Statue

Next, you will need to destroy each of the seven confessor statues hidden throughout the game. Each confessor statue location can be seen within the video provided above.

  • Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow: The Guilt Statue is in the first room on the right after passing through the main gates.
  • Albero: The Guilt Statue is next to the large central tree in the middle of the village.
  • Mercy Dreams: The Guilt Statue is on the left side of the Prie Dieu altar at the end of the thorned path.
  • Grievance Ascends: The Guilt Statue is on the right side of the Prie Dieu altar at the summit.
  • Desecrated Cistern: The Guilt Statue is in an alcove on the right side just after entering through the main gates.
  • Jondo: The Guilt Statue is behind the Prie Dieu altar overlooking the bell tower.
  • Patio of the Silent Steps: The Guilt Statue is directly ahead after entering through the tall gates.

Remember you can also absolve guilt at Confessors for Tears of Atonement.

Once you have destroyed a confessor statue, a red circle will be revealed. Next, equip your Weight of True Guilt rosary. Now you can interact with the red circle. After entering the circle, you will be transported to challenge room.

Defeat each challenge room to sanctify the area. After completing this process with each of the seven confessor statues, you will be ready for the final fight.

Defeat the Final Boss

Now that you have sanctified all seven statue areas, you can progress through the game and face the final boss.

If you already defeated the final boss and received the bad ending, don’t fret. You can always load your most recent save and complete the tasks above before facing the final boss again.

After defeating the final boss, a rather shocking secret finale will unfold before you. If you would like to simply spoil the ending for yourself now, check out the ending of the video provided above.

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