Pikachu SSB Ultimate Guide and Special Moves List

This champion is shockingly good.

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Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, just like its many predecessors, has taken the world by storm. With that in mind, you are going to want to check out our guide if you want to stay in front of the proverbial pack.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a towering roster of incredible characters. That being said, all of the game’s playable superstars were not created equal. While some characters have sunken to the bottom of the meta, other characters have gained heightened popularity for their prowess through the generations of Smash Bros. games. One character that has remained top tier through the years is none other than Pokemon’s longtime pocket monster Pikachu.

In order to up your game with this highly popular and highly effective pocket monster, check out our guide on Pikachu’s move list and player strategies down below. You can also read our entire tier list for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate here.


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Pikachu is an incredibly versatile character. Consequently, there are not many characters that are guaranteed to give the powerful pocket monster too much trouble. Smash Bros. generally rewards mobility, making some of the game’s more mobile characters often more challenging for a Pikachu player to deal with.

To that end, Pikachu is quite good at pressuring some of the game’s less mobile characters. For a full list of Pikachu’s top five counters, check out the graphic up above.

Move List

Smash Bros. characters are each equipped with a bevy of powerful attacks. While each character comes equipped with these special attacks, some superstars come packing better weapons than others. Pikachu is certainly no different. Check out the details concerning Pikachu’s kit of abilities down below.

Pikachu Moves SSBU

Normal Attacks

Pikachu’s neutral attack is an easy choice when you want to spam. The attack is an easy way to lock an enemy down for a quick combination, but the assault will eventually push your opponent away from you.

Normal AttacksBase DamageDescription
Neutral Attack1.0-1.4%Can lock enemies. Headbutts forward in quick succession.
Dash Attack11%Can knock back enemies. Pikachu runs forward for a soaring headbutt.
Grab Attack1%Headbutts the enemy with shocking power.

Tilt Attacks

The forward tilt deals the most damage, making it a useful tool in most scenarios. However, the attack also has a low chance of knocking enemies out.

Tilt AttacksBase DamageDescription
Forward Tilt 10%Can knock back enemies moderately well. Pikachu dishes out an electrified double kick.
Forward Tilt →9%Can knock back enemies moderately well. Pikachu dishes out an electrified double kick.
Forward Tilt ↘8%Can knock back enemies moderately well. Pikachu dishes out an electrified double kick.
Up Tilt5%Pikachu uses an overhead tail swipe. Costs moderate startup lag.
Down Tilt6%Dips downwards and performs a forward tail sweep. It has a chance of tripping opponents and moderate reach.

Aerial Attacks

Pikachu’s aerial attacks each have the ability to strike an opponent multiple times. Consequently, these moves are great ways to get quick combos off for some significant damage.

Aerial AttacksBase DamageDescription
Neutral Attack1.8-3.5%Pikachu charges himself with electricity. This move has nearly no startup lag.
Forward Attack1.4-4.8%Pikachu vaults forward with a shocking headbutt. This move has low startup lag.
Back Attack1.0-3.6%Pikachu spins around, hitting his opponents multiple times in the process.
Up Attack4-6%Pikachu dishes out an overhead tail swipe that offers low knockback potential.
Down Attack4-13%Pikachu spins headfirst in a downward motion. This attack can launch opponents quite well.

Throw Attacks

Pikachu’s backwards throw deals significant damage and has some serious knockback potential. Try utilizing this move near ledges to make short work of your more damaged opponents.

Throw AttacksBase DamageDescription
Forward Throw2%Pikachu will place the opponent on his tail before shocking them.
Backwards Throw9%Pikachu rolls backward before sending his opponent flying. This move has high knockback potential.
Upwards Throw8%Pikachu places the opponent onto his head and launches them upwards. Has high knockback potential.
Downwards Throw5%Pikachu lays the opponent on the ground before performing a wrestling throw.

Smash Attacks

Pikachu’s forward smash is a great move for when you need to knock out an enemy. The attack lingers for a significant amount of time, making it great for creating distance between yourself and another grounded enemy.

Smash AttacksBase DamageDescription
Forward Smash12-18%Pikachu fires an orb of electricity a short distance in front of him. This move has high KO potential and an impressive range. However, the move does have high lag.
Up Smash7-14%Pikachu attacks with an overhead tail swipe. This move has high KO potential.
Down Smash2-3%Pikachu spins around on the floor, striking foes with his electrified tail. This move has low KO potential.

Floor Attacks

Pikachu’s floor attacks are pretty basic. They are nothing worth devising a strategy over, but offer enough damage to ward off incoming enemies when you’re down.

Floor AttacksBase DamageDescription
Front Attack7%Pikachu spins its tail while ascending.
Back Attack7%Pikachu spins its tail while ascending.
Trip Attack5%Pikachu spins its tail while ascending.
Edge Attack9%Pikachu swings his tail forwards.

Special Attacks

Pikachu’s special attacks are incredibly useful. The pocket monster’s thunder jolt can be cast in fairly quick succession, allowing you to spam damage down range. Beyond that, the jolts will actually stick to platforms. Rather than falling off the map, they will continue to travel across the bottom of the platform’s surface. Consequently, this move can be a great tool for keeping enemies away from edges of the map.

Pikachu’s skull bash is a great way to make up distance horizontally when necessary, so try to use it to increase the pocket monster’s mobility when necessary.

Special AttacksBase DamageDescription
Thunder Jolt4.8-6.0%Pikachu launches a bolt of electricity. The projectile will stick to any platform.
Skull Bash6.2-21.4%Pikachu powers up before launching himself forward.
Quick Attack2-3%Pikachu seemingly teleports in a direction, damaging any in his path. The move can be angled in a designated direction and can be cast immediately after if sent in another direction.
Thunder6-15%Pikachu sends a lightning bolt downwards. The bolt causes an explosion of electricity if it strikes Pikachu.

Final Smash Attack

Pikachu’s final smash attack is a great one. Pikachu can pressure pretty much anyone on the map with this attack, so make sure to always keep your eye out for any player that has positioned themselves poorly before activating the attack.

Final Smash AttackBase DamageDescription
Volt Tackle1.5-20.0%Pikachu envelopes himself in electricity before jolting forwards in an areal barrage.

Last Minute Tips and Tricks

  • Use your dash attacks to close the distance when facing sword fighters.
  • Use Pikachu’s up tilt attack to initiate aerial combos. This attack is a magnificent way to juggle enemies for some significant damage.
  • Pikachu can wall jump. Utilize the pocket monster’s incredible wall jumping skill to really up your sustain.
  • Make sure to strike Pikachu with his downward lightning bolt special ability. There will be less lag with the move if it strikes Pikachu, so make sure to take advantage of that.
  • Pikachu’s lightning bolt can phase through most platforms. The pocket monster’s lighting bolt is almost always a threat to overhead enemies, so make sure to utilize the incredibly powerful special attack.

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