Top 5 Warframes as of 2019

Have trouble deciding which Warframe is the best in your quest to collect them all? Yea so are we, but we will break it down none the less

If you have ever played Warframe you probably know two things. One that nearly every warframe is unique and it is hard to make a true “Best Of” list because of that, and two that it is sure confusing to look up Warframe warframes. So in light of that first point this list isn’t in a 1-5 format, these are just the best warframes we could find all grouped up into a single list and that all of these are the best in their own right so this list is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. So with that out of the way, lets get to the list!


Have you ever wanted to make music and kill enemies at the same time? Well, Warframe has the perfect warframe for you. Octavia is mixing beats and making death with a customizable instrument of death (literally!) that allows you to create a song that also buffs your skills; it’s a win-win! Most of Octavia’s abilities work best together, with multiple AOE attacks and lures that are intended to crowd control and ultimately put on a killer show.


Some people think diseases are horrific and disgusting things that bring nothing but death with them wherever they go……….. yea that doesn’t change here. Nidus is a walking plague farm whose abilities grow the more he kills, with multiple skills adding “mutation” stacks which enhance their destructive power the more you get kills with them. Though some good does come from this plague as there is also an ability that can buff you and your ally with a temporary link so that’s nice, the connection can also transfer a portion of the damage you take to them so that’s slightly less nice for them.


Ah Inaros, the kid that maybe liked Egyptian mythology in school a little too much, well its all paying off now because these sand based attacks are brutal but useful. Much of Inaros’s abilities are based around using the sands to consume your enemies, from a drag and pull move that can create an ally while also filling yours and your allies health, to a vampire style Pocket Sand move the main focus is stealing health. Though the health stealing is balanced by the fact that he doesn’t have a shield he does have a self revive ability and his finishers will get you some health too so, who wants to take a trip to the desert. Personally, I hate sand, it’s rough and course and it gets everywhere but Inaros might be slowly changing my opinion on that.


At the beginning of Warframe, you are given the choice of three different warframes and Excalibur is by far the fan favorite and extremely useful even in mid-game to late game. Like King Arthur himself, you slice your way through enemies with dash attacks and even an energy sword that can hit people from a distance (take that Link) this warframe is all about being dynamic on the battlefield. There is also a blinding attack and an AOE sword move for if you get yourself trapped so really it’s all about running around and bringing a quick death to any unfortunate enemies that cross your path.


I don’t think that there has been a more appropriately named Warframe than Rhino. Practically a living breathing tank, this warframe is all about charging in head first and never stopping to ask questions and the charge ability and stomp ability all help to reinforce that mindset plus and iron defense to keep you alive while crushing the competition. Not only can Rhino break enemy lines with these devastating abilities, but there is also a buff ability so that you can be a team player before you Leroy Jenkins every enemy ever.

What do you think of our picks? Is your favorite missing? Got some controversial picks for our list? Let us hear you by leaving a comment!

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