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The top RPGs from the 1990s onward are essential for fans, redefining the genre’s standards. Skyrim offers expansive moddable gameplay, while The Witcher 3 delivers impactful choices and story. Final Fantasy VII is celebrated for its narrative, and Ocarina of Time is notable for immersive play. Mass Effect set precedents with its narrative and gun-based action. These games exemplify the transformative escapism RPGs provide, setting benchmarks for future titles.

Having the right weapon at the right time isn’t always possible in a randomly generated loot crawler like Minecraft Dungeons. That’s alright though, there’s plenty of weapons all around that will knock your enemies off the map and take down even the toughest bosses on the highest difficulties. If you’re wanting to know what are the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons are along with their special abilities then look no further: Top 5 Melee Weapons: Top 5 Ranged Weapons: These are the best melee and ranged weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. The game is pretty cool though with all the weapons. Sometimes it’s more about what makes you happy and what mods you get than the actual weapon type. These unique-ish weapons above though will come generally with special abilities that’ll give you an edge ontop of the mods. Hope this list helps you out. Happy hunting in MC Dungeons!

MMOs were revolutionary when they first arrived on the gaming scene, and although they seem to have left the limelight, they are very much running strong. Unless you were already an active part of these communities, you would never know, but all of the games on this list receive regular updates, and most were updated within a week of the publishing of this very article even. So, here are our top picks for MMOs in 2019! 5. Star Wars: The Old Republic When Star Wars: The Old Republic came onto the scene it exploded in popularity and although the hype has died down a bit, there is still a very dedicated community and for good reason. SW: TOR is the most expansive Star Wars game to date, allowing you to live out every possible Star Wars fantasy you might have, wanna play as a Good Sith? Done. Wanna play as…