5 Best Endo and Exo Mutations in Rad – A Mutations Guide

Here's everything you need to know about mutations.

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Double Fine’s new rougelike Rad is filled to the brim with interesting and fun ideas. Among them, players are capable of collecting seemingly game changing mutations during their playthroughs. These mutations offer players unique abilities to help them survive the hazards around them.

That being said, there are a lot to choose from. And, not all mutations are created equal. If you want to see which mutations have surfaced to the top of the skill pool, check out this guide.

What Are Mutations in Rad?


Mutations are the bonus abilities that you will be using to traverse and fight your way through Rad. These mutations are each unique, as they each offer different abilities to help you along your way. Luckily, there are two different types of mutations that can each be chained together in order to make your character more powerful.

Endo Mutations

Endo mutations offer quite powerful effects. However, these mutations must be actively engaged with a button press in order to bee utilized. In short, many of these mutations will act as your primary weapons during your playthroughs.

Exo Mutations

Exo mutations can be purchased from vendors or unlocked by visiting the many statues within the game. Once you have your hands on one of these mutations, you will be one step closer to ultimate power.

Exo mutations provide you with passive buffs, meaning you will not need to activate these abilities with button presses. By combining these abilities with endo mutations you can create powerful hybrid abilities to help you destroy your foes.

Top 5 Mutations

There are a bevy of both endo and exo mutations to choose from in Rad. Consequently, you are going to have to keep your eye out for the best mutations if you want to compete at your best. To that end, here is a quick rundown of our top five mutations.

1. Fire Arm

Fire Arm is a go-to classic for Rad players. Having ranged attacks is a must if you want to make it far in this game. Luckily, Fire Arm allows you to throw fireballs at your enemies from a distance. This damage dealing power is a cornerstone of Rad gameplay.

2. Gnarly Overgrowth

As you make it further and further in Rad, you will quickly find yourself becoming overwhelmed with enemies. Consequently, learning some powerful crowd control effects is an important part of your survival.

The mutation Gnarly Overgrowth will allow you to snare up to three enemies in place for a period of time. Unable to move or even change direction, these enemies will quickly become easy targets for you among the chaos of battle.

3. Mutation Power

The endo mutation Mutation Power is a must have. This mutation will boost the damage provided by your other mutations. Simple and to the point, this mutation makes you more dangerous.

4. X-Ray Vision

This endo mutation will allow you to be able to see each item on every enemy that crosses your path. By knowing which items each enemy is carrying, you can determine which enemies are worth engaging from a safe distance.

5. Toxic Dump Surfer

Toxic Dump Surfer allows you to leave behind a trail of sludge that will damage all enemies that walk across it. This mutation will become more useful as combat becomes more chaotic throughout the game. Better yet, this mutation also provides a speed most when being used.

Consequently, this mutation will give you a way to escape tough part of a fight if things get too risky.

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