Apex Legends Guide: Every Finisher Move and how to use Them

Respawn Entertainment’s battle royal Apex Legends is taking the gaming community by storm. To many, it’s fun, fast paced and outrageously addictive. And, to the joy of players worldwide, it’s free.

As Apex Legends gains global acclaim, players aim to enhance their combat skills. However, accumulating kill streaks and commanding victories rings hollow without a flair for style. This guide will detail how to employ the game’s captivating finishers to distinguish yourself from the rest.

apex legends pathfinder infinite climbing trick

While you can simply clip your target with a few rounds, drop them by the wayside and then move along, there is a final step you can add to your winning display if you really want to show off your skills. Enter in the Apex Legends finisher.

There are eight playable classes within the game. But, there are far more finishers than classes to ensure that you never get bored with showing off. However, you will have to do a little work if you want to unlock the additional finishers.

Each character class comes equipped with a single finisher. There are two ways to unlock the additional finishers that are available for each class. The first way is to randomly unlock them through Apex Crates. Secondly, you can craft the nifty finishers with Apex Legends crafting metal. Once you have the finisher of your choice, however, you still have to actually be able to use the awesome animation.

Using a finisher in Apex Legends is pretty simple. You first need to knock your opponent into the downed position, as you can only complete a finisher on a downed opponent. Approach the downed player and then hold the appropriate finisher button. PC players will need to hold the E key. Meanwhile, Xbox One players will hold the X button and PlayStation 4 players will hold the square button.

After holding the appropriate finisher button, your character will then display an awesome execution technique that is sure to show off your dominance. But, beware.

You can still be attacked during the finisher animation, which takes multiple seconds to complete. Consequently, it’s best to only employ the finisher move when you are certain victory is in the bag. Beyond that, you will unfortunately not always be able to finish your opponent.

A squad’s lone survivor cannot be downed. Rather, the player will automatically die. Still, a lone survivor may be able to circumvent this via a golden knockdown shield.

Now that you can equip yourself with all of the game’s finisher moves and you’ve mastered using the fascinating technique, it’s time to familiarize yourself with each of those nifty finishing moves. Here’s a glance at what each character’s finisher features.


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Bangalore’s finishers are admittedly pretty brutal. In her original finisher, the fast fighting soldier simply blasts her foe with a rocket from up close and personal. In her second finisher, titled “Reversal of Fortune,” Bangalore pushes her opponent to the ground and then blasts them with a quick shot. Cool as ice, the fighter then simply walks away from her finished quarry.


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Bloodhound’s first finisher is about as straight forward as it gets. The hardy survivalist flicks a throwing knife at his foe’s head, bringing an abrupt end to the finishing move. Luckily, Bloodhound has two more finishers to rely on.

Titled “Clean Kill,” Bloodhound’s second finisher features the survivalist stabbing his opponent in the back. The tracker’s crow then flutters down and lands on the corpse of the defeated enemy.

Lastly, Bloodhound has a finisher called “With Honor.” If you want to treat your targets final moments with some respect, this is a great finisher to get. Ceremoniously, Bloodhound places his opponent’s weapon on the downed player’s chest. The tracker then offers a respectful solute to his fallen enemy.


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Caustic is not messing around. In his original finisher, the toxic trapper abandons his downed prey with a live grenade. Unapologetically, it’s obviously a rather explosive finish.

In his finisher “Last Breath,” Caustic destroys his opponent with a point-blank blast of toxic fumes. In his finisher “Strike Three,” the trapper shrugs off using any of his high-tech gadgets in favor of simply dealing three swift punches to the face of his target.


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In contrast to most of the other classes, Gibraltar’s original finisher is arguably his strongest. The towering fortress of steel and muscle smashes both himself and his downed opponent with his own shovel. It’s a move that never fails to express a dominant display of power.

Taking a page from the Maori Haka, Gibraltar deals a devastating blow with his shield during the “War Cry” finisher. The “Force of Gravity” finisher is certainly an interesting one. The tank like behemoth simply plops down and crushes his foe with the severity of his own weight.


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True to her flavorful character, Lifeline’s finishers are just as in your face as any of the combat medic’s other incredible moments. In her original finisher, Lifeline smacks her opponent with her taser. However, the medic first rubs in the dominant victory with a quick dance move.

In her finisher “Ajay’s Lullaby,” Lifeline shushes her opponent as she buries a knife into their neck. Again, Lifeline has a perfect sense for drama when it comes to her finishers.

Lastly, Lifeline has a finisher titled “D.O.C.’s Shock” that gives the medic’s robot a moment in the spotlight. D.O.C. brutalizes the downed opponent with a fatal blast of electricity, bringing an abrupt end to the medic’s final finisher.


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Mirage only has two finishing moves, but the trickster still manages to put on a pretty great display with each animation. In his original finisher, Mirage moonwalks on the scene before smashing the downed foe in the head and then gloating for all to see.

In his finisher “Pound It, Bro,” Mirage allows his decoy to knock out the downed opponent before celebrating the finish with a little fist bump.


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Somehow Respawn Entertainment managed to squeeze even more of Pathfinder’s cartoonish character into the class’s trio of finishing moves. In his original finisher, Pathfinder offers a quick arm wave before grappling his foe right in their face with his zip line.

During the “Hi-5” finisher, Pathfinder snatches his prey with his zip line. As they go crashing into the floor, the scout slams them with a quick high-five.

While Pathfinder’s final finisher is not as clever as his others, it makes up for its brevity with brutality. The robot simply slams his opponent with an uppercut to the face with the final finisher titled “Iron Haymaker.”


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True to her nature, Wraith terrorizes her prey with a series of sci-fi abilities throughout all of her finishers. In her original finisher, the skirmisher teleports her way to a rather stylish punch to the face.

During the “Existential Crisis” finisher, Wraith pummels her opponent with a combination of strikes as she teleports around the downed opponent.

Lastly, Wraith smacks her opponent three times during the “Into the Light” finisher before tossing the downed player into a portal.

If you would like to see all of Apex Legends’ finishers in action, check out the video below as provided by YouTube content creator Death Mule.

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