GreedFall Puzzle Guide: How to Solve the Stone and Drum Puzzles

Here's what you are going to need to do.

GreedFall is filled with intense action and riveting storytelling. That being said, there are two puzzles within the game that leave some players snagged, unable to enjoy the rest this game has to offer. Those players have come to know these instances as the Stone Candle puzzle and the Drum puzzle.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to both of these crafty enigmas. Check out what you will need to do in order to get past these puzzles down below.

How to Solve the Stone Candle Puzzle in GreedFall

During the Demoniacal Cult main story quest, you will be tasked with solving a puzzle concerning a collection of stones each filled with candles. Once you complete the puzzle, you will be granted access to a hidden door within a nearby tree. That being said, the solution to the puzzle may not immediately seem obvious.

After being led to an altar and experiencing a vision of a burning tree, you will eventually come back to your senses and acknowledge a series of candles before you. Each candle embedded stone is labeled with a unique symbol. That being said, you will not need to know what each symbol means.

Simply approach each individual stone to reveal a button prompt that clearly identifies each stone as one of six elements. In order to solve this puzzle, you will need to light each candle in a specific order based on their associated stone’s element. If you light the candles out of order, you will be attacked by a hoard of bats.

The correct candle lighting order is as follows:

1. Wind Stone
2. Lightning Stone
3. Fire Stone
4. Death Stone
5. Water Stone
6. Life Stone

A video of the puzzle being solved may be viewed above.

How to Solve the Drum Puzzle in GreedFall

During the main quest Face to Face With the Demon, you will stumble upon a puzzle. In order to continue through the game, you will have to first solve the enigma. Luckily, it isn’t too hard to crack.

During the quest, you will eventually meet an old hermit in a swamp. This hermit will reveal an ancient ritual to you, forcing you to search the swamp for two important ingredients.

Simply venture to the areas of the swamp that are highlighted in order to discover a piece of a journal entry and demonic potion. Once you have these two items, make your way back to the hermit.

After speaking to you and revealing some useful information, the hermit will instruct you to go play the drums nearby. This is the puzzle that you need to solve.

There are only three drums that you need to play. Playing them in the correct order will complete the puzzle. However, you will be swarmed by enemies if you make a mistake.

Solving the puzzle is simple. Play each drum in this order:

1. Yellow Insect
2. Black Frog
3. Red Snake

Once you have completed the sequence, you will be allowed to continue through the game’s story. However, you will first have to face a quick fight. Luckily, you will earn a Memory Crystal once the battle is over.

A video of the puzzle being solved may be viewed above.

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