Guide: How to Unlock Horatio & Timber in Far Cry New Dawn

Video game publishing titan Ubisoft recently released their latest edition to the Far Cry series. Working off of the success of the companion system within Far Cry 5, the recently released Far Cry New Dawn features a series of compatible player companions. This time, however, there are two characters in particular that have each stolen the hearts of gamers everywhere.

Far Cry New Dawn was released worldwide Feb. 15, 2019. Set in the fictional realm of Hope County, Montana, the game takes place 17 years after the occurrences of Far Cry 5 and acts as a direct sequel to the previously released title.

Far Cry New Dawn features a gun-for-hire and fangs-for-hire system, offering players the ability to have an NPC tag along with them on their adventures. Each NPC companion offers different advantages on the field of combat when implemented by the player, leaving a few tactical options of interest open.

Two of the popular companions right now or Timber and Horatio. Both fangs-for-hire, Timber has replaced Far Cry 5’s Boomer as the canine companion of Far Cry New Dawn. Meanwhile, Horatio is a massive boar that is capable of causing some serious chaos within the Montana landscape. While none of the characters have been able to recapture the same iconic quality of Dogmeat from the Fallout series, Timber and Horatio are still incredibly useful resources to the player within Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry creation.

With that in mind, it’s time to dig deep into what makes each of these fangs-for-hire so powerful and exactly how you can grab a hold of Timber and Horatio for your party. For starters, here are the details on Timber and how precisely to add the helpful hound to your team.


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Timber has a few unique traits that are each useful to those exploring the Montana wasteland. The animal companion can tackle enemies to the ground, taking them out with a pin maneuver. Beyond that, Timber has an ability that is paramount for stealthy players.

Timber tags enemies as a sort of mobile radar, allowing for the player to have an easier time avoiding dangerous targets. Luckily, Timber can be acquired rather early in the game.

In order to nab Timber for your team, you will first need to head northeast of Prosperity. From there, venture to the Meatfort. The location is just east of the Broken Forge outpost. The necessary quest is titled “Man Eat Dog World” and should trigger upon reaching the above destination.

Timber needs to be rescued, so make sure to come prepared for a scrap. After taking out a series of Highwaymen, you will find Timber inside a cage from within the Meatfort.

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Simply approach Timber and begin interacting with the animal as prompted. The dog will then approach a metal door, seemingly attempting to draw your attention. However, you will need to go in the opposite direction.

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Leap over the nearby wooden panel and head right. You will then notice a pair of blue ropes, letting you know there is a nearby ledge. Continue along the ledge, as Timber guides you from the ground. You will eventually reach the top of a series of cages. After dropping into one of the cages from a nearby gap, you will find a key nestled near some of the dog corpses within the cage.

The key functions for the cage in which Timber and his still alive dog friends reside, so simply return to his cage and release the drove of hounds. Congratulations, you now have Timber available as your fang-for-hire. The game quickly offers a chance for you to try out your new companion by sending a fresh wave of Highwaymen after you, granting Timber an opportunity to show off his skills.


Of course, Timber isn’t your only option. Horatio is always looking to upend his canine compatriot for some screen time.

Horatio, a massive boar, offers some serious benefits in combat. While Timber is incredibly useful for spotting enemies from afar, Horatio can’t do much to help with stealthy gameplay. Rather, the boar blunders into enemy territory and uproots anything in his path.

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A terrifying bulldozer of power, Horatio disarms shield wielding enemies and pummels all that cross him. The downside is that the massive pig can’t ride in vehicles with you due to his massive size. Still, Horatio packs a powerful enough punch to make him a great asset to your adventures. So, here’s how to get him.

In order to trigger Horatio’s quest, you will need to head to Elsinore Farm. The location is north of Prosperity and northwest of Pantry outpost. The quest triggered should be titled “To Love a Boar.” Horatio can be found inside a shed within the farm. Highwaymen can be seen guarding the pen, but you can shoot the lock off of the cage to allow Horatio a chance to show off his power.

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Simply approach Horatio after all of the highwaymen have been dealt with and interact with the boar as prompted. Congratulations, you now have a piggy of mass destruction at out side.

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