Top 5 Guns for Hire in Far Cry New Dawn

Video game publisher Ubisoft has come forward with yet another installment within the Far Cry franchise. With the title having recently hit shelves, it’s time to take a look at some of the best guns-for-hire to make their way into the game.

Far Cry New Dawn made its official release Feb. 15. Set 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5, the direct sequel is featured within the fictitious world of Hope County, Montana. Adding onto Far Cry 5’s follower system, Far Cry New Dawn offers players guns for hire and fangs for hire. Both systems provide players the chance to gain an NPC companion to accompany them on their journeys.

While there is a bevy of options when it comes to companions, there are five followers that truly stick out. Here are some details for each character and directions for how to add each one to your team.

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Nana is a must. An elderly sniper, this far from geriatric veteran will always have your back.

Fitted with a silenced sniper rifle, Nana has a few nifty perks in her arsenal. The sniper sees through smoke and can fire through cover. Beyond that, Nana will put a silencer on any weapon.

In order to trigger the necessary quest to acquire Nana, you will need to head to Nana’s Perch. The location is east of Blacklung Mine. After speaking to Nana at the location, you will begin the quest “Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes.”

The elderly sharpshooter will then challenge you to complete a marksmanship test. Pass the test and Nana will destroy your enemies forever more.

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While Nana will always have your back, Hurk will make sure that every combat encounter ends in a blockbuster quality explosion. This gun for hire definitely earns brownie points for style.

Hurk will show up driving a vehicle when called. Beyond that, the hulking explosives expert reloads faster than most Hope County residents and has RPG rounds that are heat seeking against air and land vehicles.

In order to begin the quest required to earn Hurk, take a visit to Sh*tlord’s Tunnel. After speaking to Hurk, you will begin the quest “Days of Blunder.” Take out a series of Highwaymen as Hurk’s driver and the explosives expert will soon be yours to command.

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The Judge looks like a huntsman take on Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees. However, the crafty outdoorsman comes with a unique collection of perks.

The Judge walks silently. Beyond that, animals will not attack you until attacked by you as long as this archer is around. The Judge also simultaneously fires three projectiles at a time with his bow.

The Judge is perhaps one of the easiest to enlist if you decide to fast track your main story progress. Within act 2 of the campaign, finish the mission “Joseph’s Secret.” After finishing the quest, The Judge will be automatically added to your roster.

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Pastor Jerome offers a swift blast to the face of your enemies. Despite his religious background, the shotgun wielding pastor is always up for relieving highwaymen of their mortal coils.

Jerome comes equipped with a vehicle when called, making the pastor apt at drawing attention away from the player. Jerome also comes handy with a Molotov cocktail, in case any highwaymen get too mouthy for his liking. Beyond that, Jerome offers a cleansing fire of incendiary ammo at all times.

Head northeast of Prosperity to Ramone’s Lookout in order to speak with the NPC close by and trigger the quest “Jerome Comes Home.” You will then have to free Jerome from a convoy, granting you the chance to lock down the pastor for your team.

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Last, but not least, on this list is Gina Guerra. This LMG totting action hero comes equipped with an arsenal of terror.

Guerra rolls in with a vehicle when called upon, offering a mass of aggro to draw attention away from you. Once all eyes are on Guerra, the LMG wielding gunner goes to work. With an unlimited source of particularly deadly explosive ammo, Guerra will make awfully short work of your enemies.

Near the central eastern ridge of the map, you will find Chateau Boshaw. After reaching the location, speak to the NPC known as Sharky. Speaking to Sharky should trigger the mission “Adventures in Babysitting.” You will need to complete this quest before snagging Guerra.

After the mission is completed, return to Prosperity. Sharky will be there waiting, now offering the quest “Mo’ Mommies, Mo’ Problems.” Save Guerra from the ensuing Highwayman derby race and the LMG using action hero will be all yours.

While these five guns for hire are far from all of the available companions within Far Cry New Dawn, these incredibly powerful followers are sure to stir up plenty of mayhem once you earn each of their trust.

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