Developer Breaks Down Far Cry’s New “light RPG approach”

Ubisoft’s Far Cry series has experienced a great resurgence since the release of the highly praised Far Cry 3. Well, it would appear that the next title in the series may offer a few new takes on the now well versed franchise.

Far Cry New Dawn is set to take place 17 years after the events of Far Cry 4, offering a somewhat post-apocalyptic take on the series. Speaking in a recent promotional tweet, creative director Jean-Sebastien Decant has now revealed that Far Cry New Dawn will feature some RPG elements.

“We pushed what we call the light RPG approach in the game to create more depth, so you’ll be able to craft guns that have ranks, and these ranks they will be useful to fight against enemies that also have ranks.” Decant said.

“We have what we call the escalation system for the outposts,” Decant later continued, noting changes to the highly popular outpost system. “Now, with an outpost, you can take it and take the resources that are in it, but you can also decide to squeeze it, and if you squeeze it you’re going to abandon it. And now that it’s vacant, the enemy is going to come back, put more resources in it, and also more defense, and create a new challenge.”

Check out Decant’s original statement on changes coming to the fast approaching game down below. And, for all things video games, keep it tuned to GameTruth.

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