Top 5 Overwatch 2 Heroes for the Dorado Map

It's time to take over Dorado.

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Overwatch has been growing and growing ever since it first hit stores back in 2016. The online shooter has since cultivated a massive professional scene, which has only bolstered competitive play among fans. With that in mind, we have formulated the top five heroes to play on one of Overwatch’s classic maps.

Overwatch features a collection of maps, varying game modes and a bevy of heroes to choose from. Consequently, gearing up for a quick game of Overwatch can sometimes feel rather daunting. For those interested in facing off on the classic Dorado map, we have collected a quick list of the map’s top five heroes and cultivated some useful tips and tricks that are sure to up your win rate.

OW2 Changes

Dorado is now in the day and some vision may have changed, but otherwise everything is the same with the layout.

Dorado Overview

Dorado is a wonderfully fun map to play on. However, the game can go downhill quite quickly if you don’t know the proper tactics.

Dorado is an escort map. You and your team will be charged either with attack or defense. As the offensive team, you will be tasked with transporting a payload across the map to a drop-off location. The defense team, however, will be doing everything in their power to make sure you do not reach that destination before the timer runs out.

A payload match is a game of inches. Each and every exchange won or lost can have massive repercussions. Consequently, you are going to want to familiarize yourself with the map if you want to ensure your victory.

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Above is a map of the Dorado battleground. Rather you are on the defending team or your team is attacking, there are some rather important points to make note of. Among other things, each team’s spawn locations are noted on each side of the map. Throughout the labeled circuit, the attackers will have a series of checkpoints they can reach with the payload in order to further their progress. Make note of the points along the circuit, as these will be choke points for massive team on team exchanges.

You can also check out each and every health pack location for the map. Health pack locations can be great places to set up shop, depending on your hero of choice.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the map, it’s time to really up your game. If you want to win on Dorado, you are going to need a great team.

Picking Your Team Composition

Overwatch offers a bevy of exciting and unique heroes to choose from. Each hero wields a unique skill set that can potentially make or break your team composition. There are tanks, supports, attackers and defenders. Depending on which map you are playing and which heroes you are playing against, you are going to want a particular build for your team if you want to come out on top.

Each team gets six players, allowing for an incredible amount of flexibility in your team compositions. On top of that, there are multiple tactics to consider.

There are three common team compositions for escort maps. There is the deathball, the GOAT and the pirate ship. These are incredibly useful team compositions if you want to earn a victory on Dorado.

The deathball is perhaps the most common team composition. The deathball is all about formation. The team composition allows for an incredibly hearty front line to slowly inch forward while the sharp shooting back line dishes out some serious firepower. The deathball is not highly mobile, but quite difficult to defeat.

A deathball formation generally consists of a Reinhardt, Zarya, McCree, Widowmaker, Lucio and Mercy. The individual members can change. However, the basis for the team composition is to have an incredibly strong front line, a significant resource of healers and a powerful back line of marksmen.

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The GOAT (JOAT now with Junker Queen) team composition, however, is also highly popular. Featuring some of Overwatch’s highest tier heroes, the GOAT team composition is a hard one for enemies to deal with. Generally featuring Reinhardt, D.Va, Zarya, Brigitte, Lucio and Moira, the GOAT composition has incredible sustain and devastating amounts of damage at close quarters.

Lastly, you have the pirate ship team composition. The pirate ship is a rather fun one. The concept of the pirate ship team composition is to protect your team’s bastion. The team generally features Bastion, Reinhardt, Mercy, McCree, Orisa and Hanzo.

Orisa and Reinhardt are each capable of offering an incredible amount of shielding to protect Bastion. Meanwhile, Bastion will often set up his turret form on top of the payload and reign down havoc. McCree and Hanzo can act as counter snipers if necessary, but will mostly just provide general damage at a distance. Mercy, as always, will make sure everyone’s health is on the up and up.

The pirate ship team composition is incredibly powerful for the attacking team on escort missions, as they can take full advantage of Bastion’s ability to place himself on the payload.

Best Offensive and Defensive Teams

While there are many team compositions to choose from, we have chosen a single team composition for the attacking team and a single team composition for the defending team. These two team compositions are sure to bring some serious damage.

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The image above breaks down an ideal offensive team in blue and an ideal defensive team in red. The numbers provided within represent Hero Picker’s tier ranking values for each hero.

As seen above, your ideal attacking team will be derivative of the deathball team composition that was discussed earlier. As an escort mission is a game of inches, your team composition will be one with incredible sustain and a powerful enough front line to be able to drive the payload forward every inch of the way.

This team composition can deal some serious damage at close range, with long distance damage output somewhat lacking. If your enemy team has an especially talented marksman, then you may need to swap out Soldier: 76 or McCree for a more proper counter sniper.

The team composition is also not greatly mobile. However, your team will not be diving quite so much as simply walking forward with Reinhardt and D.Va protecting your back line of damage dealers.

350px Orisa portrait
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All in all, your team is one set to weather out the storm and push forward to victory.

As far as the defense’s team is concerned, your team composition is designed to pick the offense apart piece by piece. Ana will be a great tool for minimizing the offense’s sustain by neutralizing their healing.

Meanwhile, Widowmaker can post up from afar and dish out some serious damage to the offense’s back line. D.Va and Zarya can march forward well enough to keep pressure on the front line, thereby slowing down and eventually halting the offensive team’s progress. Meanwhile, Soldier: 76 can use his high mobility to flank and dive the enemy team’s back line for some serious havoc. Lucio is a highly mobile healer capable of keeping up with the action and protecting his allies.

You will ultimately want to adjust your team composition as needed. Your teammate’s may not be skilled enough with particular heroes for you to truly utilize certain compositions. Or, the enemy team composition may dictate that you find a new tactic all together. Either way, these two team compositions are great ones to consider when playing escort missions on Dorado.

Top Five Heroes on Dorado

Dorado is a tough map to play. The attacking team often has a quite literally uphill battle ahead of them. There are a series of choke points that are tough to squeeze through for the attacking team without suffering massive losses. Consequently, sustain can be an incredibly important talent for the attacking team.

Meanwhile, the name of the game for the defending team is often damage and mayhem on Dorado. If you can break up your enemy team’s positioning and pick off their back line, you will likely come out on top. Thanks to the advantageous choke points, sustain is not nearly as important for you.

While we have narrowed down 12 of the most useful heroes to play on Dorado, there are ultimately 5 heroes to rule them all. Check out our list of the top five heroes for Dorado down below.


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Reinhardt is honestly a must pick for almost any map or game mode. The German uber-tank is just too good right now. Capable of leading your front line with his hefty shield, Reinhardt is the engine that pushes your team forward. Dorado has several choke points, turning combat into a slog for the attacking team. That being said, Reinhardt can be the difference between victory and defeat for your back line. Beyond that, Reinhardt can deal incredible damage in close quarters, potentially dissuading your enemy team from every diving you.


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Mercy is perhaps the most aggressively patched hero right now. Once hyper-dominant within the meta, Mercy has since received her fair share of nerfs. That being said, Mercy is still a fantastic idea for many team compositions.

Mercy is highly mobile and can dish out an incredible amount of healing. Consequently, when you need more sustain on your team it is hard to find a better hero than Mercy. Sustain is paramount for success on Dorado, so Mercy is an easy choice.


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McCree is an all around competent damage dealer. A skilled McCree player can dish out damage at long range, while most players find comfort using McCree’s skills to keep their foes at bay from medium range. Either way, McCree’s kit is great for dishing out burst damage at close range. If anyone tries to dive your team, McCree will certainly make them think twice.

Thanks to the tight corners and multiple choke points of Dorado, there are plenty of opportunities for McCree to take advantage of his close quarters effectiveness.


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D.Va is another incredibly strong hero. Her ultimate can wipe the enemy team in an instant, if they do not position themselves carefully. Beyond that, D.Va is a tank capable of applying some serious pressure to the enemy team. When playing defense on Dorado, consider using D.Va to scramble the enemy’s back line or to simply pressure their tanks from advancing the payload.

Soldier: 76

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Soldier: 76 has seen less action since his nerf. However, the super-soldier is still highly mobile thanks to his sprint ability. Consequently, Soldier: 76 can dive into the back line of his enemies to deal some serious damage.

There are also plenty of routes on Dorado that will allow Soldier: 76 the chance to flank his enemies from behind and cause massive havoc.

Last Minute Tips for Playing on Dorado

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the Dorado map, some of the team compositions you will likely come across and some of the best heroes for the map, it’s time to take a look at some last minute tips for playing on this classic escort map.

  1. Every time you reach a checkpoint as the attack team you will be granted extra minutes on the game clock. The first checkpoint is worth three minutes, while the second one is worth two minutes. You have a limited amount of time to reach your ultimate destination so remember to keep it moving.
  2. Once you initially gain the payload as the offensive team, pay attention to the many winding passageways that flank you. Your more mobile teammates should be clearing these passageways as you escort the payload to the central market square on the map.
  3. There are more than a few balconies and other high ground locations for a Hanzo or Widowmaker to take advantage of. If you are attacking, stay close to cover to avoid getting dropped.

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