Overwatch: Reinhardt Guide

Reinhardt is at the top of Overwatch's meta right now. Here's how to master him.

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Overwatch hasn’t slowed down since its 2016 release. In fact, the highly popular competitive shooter is only speeding up. With that in mind, check out our guide for one of the game’s top tier heroes.

Overwatch has amassed a massive audience of fervent fans. Following the creation of the professional Overwatch league, the audience for the title has only grown. One of the number one heroes in the current meta right now is none other than the massive German soldier Reinhardt.


Reinhardt plays the role of the tank in Overwatch. A hulking mass of plated steel, Reinhardt wares a massive full plate of armor. The German soldier also wields a gigantic, rocket propelled hammer. Featuring a kit made for holding the front line and demolishing any enemy that gets too close, Reinhardt is truly a devastating force of power.

List of Abilities

Reinhardt has an impressive set of abilities. When used properly, this German tank of a man can haul nearly any team to victory. In the video above, you can see an overview of Reinhardt’s kit.

Rocket Hammer

Rather than use a firearm, Reinhardt uses a massive, rocket propelled hammer to dish out damage to his enemies. While the weapon is certainly lacking in range, it makes up for it in knockout power.

Reinhardt’s hammer is quite powerful. However, using the weapon also leaves the massive tank exposed. If you are going to take out some nearby enemies with this mighty weapon, make sure your teammates have your back.

It is also important to note that you do not deal extra damage for attacking your enemy’s head. There is no headshot damage added.

Barrier Field

Reinhardt projects a massive energy shield, providing cover for himself and his allies. The shield can withstand a massive amount of damage before being depleted. Consequently, using Reinhardt’s barrier field can be a great way to create a front line for your marksmen to hide behind.

That being said, you cannot attack while the barrier field is active. Your speed will also be reduced to 2.75 meters every second. Enemies can still walk through the shield, though they cannot attack through it. In the end, you are going to want to have your team watch your back while this ability is active.


As it turns out, Reinhardt’s hammer is not the only thing rocket powered. The German soldier launches himself forward at a blistering pace, ramming any that get in his way.

That being said, Reinhardt will also take a champion with him whenever he collides with an enemy. If you charge that enemy into a wall, then they will receive a hefty dose of damage.

Fire Strike

Fire strike is a projectile attack. Swinging his mighty hammer, Reinhardt distributes a fiery blast a vast distance. This attack can dish out some impressive damage. However, the attack is largely telegraphed. Beyond that, the blast moves at a slow enough pace to allow some more mobile heroes a chance to escape. Still, fire strike will pass through enemies for another chance at dealing massive damage.

It’s best to use fire strike on enemies that are distracted in another exchange or on heroes that have sustained some form of crowd control. That being said, landing this attack on an enemy can be a great way to dish out massive damage.


Reinhardt’s special is pretty amazing. The German soldier slams his mighty hammer into the ground, creating a fissure in the earth. The fissure blasts forward, dealing damage and knocking down anyone in the weapon’s path.

This is another heavily telegraphed ability. Consequently, you will want to use it in combination with another hero’s crowd control. If all else fails, try using the ability on enemies distracted in another exchange.

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Here are the numbers behind Reinhardt’s many abilities, as provided by

AbilityHPAmmoFire RateDurationCooldownDamageRange
Rocket Hammer1.11 RPS755m
Barrier Field20005 seconds
Charge0.7 second casting time3 seconds10 seconds30050m
Fire Strike1.2 second casting time6 seconds100
Earthshatter0.6 second casting time2.5 second stun5020m

Counters and Strongest Allies

CountersBest TeammatesStrongest Against
ReaperLucioSoldier: 76

Reinhardt is quite low on mobility and largely telegraphs his abilities. As a result, the German soldier is weakest against highly mobile heroes capable of flanking him. Tracer, Pharah and Reaper often make short work of Reinhardt.

Reinhardt works quite well, however, will pretty much any healer. As the ultimate tank of Overwatch, the German soldier will only be that much better with some added sustain from a nearby healer. Characters that can dish out damage from medium range often benefit from hiding behind Reinhardt’s shield. McCree fits right into that category.

Meanwhile, Reinhardt is quite effective against characters he can easily walk up on. Widowmaker, Soldier: 76 and Torbjorn each fit in that category.

Last Minute Tips

Now that you have familiarized yourself with Reinhardt and his glorious kit of unique abilities, it’s time for a few last minute tips on playing Overwatch’s greatest tank.

  1. If you rotate Reinhardt mid-attack, his rocket hammer can strike enemies in a complete circle. Use this tactic when applicable to maximize your damage.
  2. Hold the primary fire button while using your barrier field. When doing so, you can rotate the camera without affecting your shield. This is best used to check your flanks for enemies and to make sure your allies are properly hiding behind your shield.
  3. Charge is normally only useful at short range, as the ability is largely telegraphed and leaves Reinhardt incredibly exposed. However, the short recharge time on the ability makes it a great way to quickly get back to your team after respawning.
  4. Fire strike can cancel Reinhardt’s rocket hammer animation. Just after rocket hammer lands on an enemy, activate fire strike. The lengthy animation for the rocket hammer will be canceled, allowing for a swift burst of damage.
  5. Use earthshatter and fire strike in combination. Fire strike can damage multiple enemies in a straight line. Try using the ability directly after stunning the enemy team with Reinhardt’s earthshatter ultimate for some brutal damage.

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