Mal’Ganis Build Guide for Heroes of the Storm

Want to squash your foes in Heroes of the Storm? Here's a top tier build guide for Mal'Ganis.

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It is currently season one for 2019 in Blizzard Entertainment’s highly popular Heroes of the Storm. With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at one of the game’s top tier heroes.

Heroes of the Storm offers an interesting take on the MOBA genre. Rather than providing a series of original characters to choose from, Heroes of the Storm features a bevy of the most iconic characters from across Blizzard Entertainment’s vast empire. Overwatch, Warcraft and Diablo are just some of the fantastic series to have been included within the game.

Among those available to play within the massive MOBA, Warcraft’s Mal’Ganis is a hero capable of dishing out some serious damage in Heroes of the Storm. To that end, we have compiled a top tier build guide for the Warcraft warrior to make sure your Mal’Ganis gameplay is always at the highest level.


Mal’Ganis is a powerful tank. Well equipped to peel for his allies and capable of sustaining some serious damage, Mal’Ganis offers a bevy of advantages that each allow the Warcraft warrior the ability to trade with most other heroes. The Nathrezim Lord is not as capable when diving as other characters, such as Diablo. However, Mal’Ganis can still cause some serious damage when used by a skilled player.

Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Phenomenal Sustain1. Poor Mobility
2. Capable Solo Laner2. Very Suceptible to Crowd Control
3. Great Wave Clear3. Can be Kited Easily
4. Capable Tank4. Demands Great Positioning
5. Easy to Learn5. High Mana Demands During Early Game

Mal’Ganis has excellent sustain, making the hero quite capable of tanking. However, the Warcraft warrior is not capable of diving the enemy team for quick kills. Applying Mal’Ganis’ skill set offensively will require some finesse.

Thanks to the hero’s crowd control, Mal’Ganis is quite useful when it comes to peeling for his allies. However, the Nathrezim Lord also has mighty enough wave clear and sustain to go solo lane. Mal’Ganis has enough ways to close the gap to be able to stick with his target and dish out some debilitating damage.

Overall, Mal’Ganis is a competent solo laner and a capable damage dealer. However, the Warcraft warrior’s true talents largely benefit his ability to tank.

List of Abilities

Mal’Ganis has an arsenal of useful abilities at his side. With that in mind, check out a video of the Warcraft warrior’s abilities down below.

Mal’Ganis’ trait offers an incredible amount of sustain, making it a great tool for the Warcraft warrior. A percentage of all damage dealt to enemies by Mal’Ganis returns to the hero as healing.

There are a few factors that make this ability quite powerful. First of all, Mal’Ganis is capable of gaining healing from his attacks against heroes and non-heroes alike. Consequently, the Nathrezim Lord can achieve incredible sustain when in lane.

Beyond that, many of Mal’Ganis’ abilities provide an AoE, opening up the opportunity for some significant burst healing from Vampiric Touch.


Fel Claws is another great tool for Mal’Ganis players. This ability allows the hero to slash forward up to three times. Each slash moves Mal’Ganis forward, with the final slash also stunning its target.

Fel Claws can be used in a variety of ways. The ability can be used to help close the distance between Mal’Ganis and his prey. The added crowd control at the end allows the hero a moment to dish out some bonus damage or to try to escape the exchange when necessary.

Fel Claws can also be used to wave clear non-heroes, allowing for Mal’Ganis to garner some significant healing for greater sustain in lane.

However, remember that Fel Claws can be interrupted at any time.


Necrotic Embrace is a great tool for when you need some quick healing during an exchange. The ability instantly grants Mal’Ganis 25 armor. Mal’Ganis also dishes out a solid chunk of damage as an AoE. The ability is best used when you need some quick burst healing so you can continue fighting.


Night Rush is an excellent tool for offense or for defense. The ability grants Mal’Ganis a significant speed boost, allowing the hero an opportunity to close the distance on his prey or to quickly escape an exchange. While the ability is active, Mal’Ganis can also move through enemy heroes. This added feature really helps boost Mal’Ganis’ mobility.

Beyond that, the ability adds some crowd control by offering Mal’Ganis the chance to put enemies to sleep for a short time. Night Rush has a lengthy cooldown time, so do your best to only use this ability when you are sure it will come in handy.


Dark Conversion is not the best ability in Mal’Ganis’ toolset. Dark Conversion offers great sustain when in solo lane. However, the ability holds little use anywhere else.


Carrion Swarm is a must. The ability allows Mal’Ganis to garner 100 percent healing from damage dealt to heroes. Beyond that, the Warcraft warrior will be invincible for a brief time. This ability is a must for most exchanges, but does offer a disadvantage.

Carrion Swarm takes a full second to cast. Consequently, Mal’Ganis can be interrupted during the casting.


Talent Build

Heroes of the Storm doesn’t make players sift through copious numbers of items to equip during each game. Rather, players are offered the chance to select a series of talents to aid them in their battles.

When choosing Mal’Ganis’ talents, it is all about increasing his sustain. By greatly boosting the Warcraft warrior’s ability to heal himself, you will greatly increase your chances of victory. Check out the full talent build for Mal’Ganis down below.

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Mal’Ganis’ Counters

Mal’Ganis’ largest flaw is his susceptibility to interruptions. Consequently, the toughest heroes for Mal’Ganis to face are those that are highly mobile and capable of halting his attacks. Anyone that can hinder the Warcraft warrior’s healing will also cause serious problems for Mal’Ganis. The hero is very susceptible to crowd control, which halts Mal’Ganis’ healing.

That being said, there are some heroes that work quite well alongside Mal’Ganis. Any tank that is capable of diving the enemy team alongside Mal’Ganis and can crowd control their foes will grant Mal’Ganis a chance to deal some serious AoE damage. Check out the list below to see what heroes work best with, best against or are best to counter Mal’Ganis.

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Mal’Ganis’ Best Maps

There are no maps that really put Mal’Ganis at a disadvantage. The hero works best in tight corridors, as he is then able to get the most damage out of his AoE attacks. Beyond that, any map that splits teams apart will also be beneficial for the Warcraft warrior. Check out the full list of maps concerning Mal’Ganis down below.

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Last Minute Tips

While you now harness the knowledge to fell your foes with Mal’Ganis, there are a few things left to learn. Check out the last minute tips down below before showing off your new found Mal’Ganis skills.

  1. Make the most of your AoE. Sure, your AoE attacks can deal some serious damage. However, your trait offers you an incredible amount of healing for all of your damage dealt. Consequently, you should try to utilize your AoE damage to heal you for sustain rather than just for damage against your enemies.
  2. Fel Claws is a great way to close the distance for a quick strike. However, you have to activate the third and final claw strike in order to stun your prey. Try to time the final strike so that you get a swift advantage over your enemy. This ability can be interrupted so be careful of your positioning before activation.
  3. Necrotic Embrace’s greatest effect is the bonus armor it provides. Use the ability to limit damage sustained during exchanges.
  4. Dark Conversion can be a great way to hinder your enemy team’s frontline.
  5. When timed correctly, Carrion Swarm can be used to thwart focused attacks from your foes. The healing incurred could make the difference between life and death.

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