Indivisible Guide: How to Unlock Every Character

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Indivisible makes it pretty hard to not obsess over every character that graces your screen. To make things even worse, there are over 20 fascinating characters you can add to your roster. Luckily, unlocking each and every one of these awesome individuals is not too difficult of a task.

Here is a quick rundown of what you are going to need to do to unlock every character in Indivisible.

CharacterHow to Unlock
RenThis character can be found in Tai Krung City.
LeilaniOnce you have completed the area, make your way back to the docks within the Iron Kingdom. There, you will find and unlock this character.
LatigoMake your way to the Iron Kingdom. On the first level, you will discover a pair of posters. Stand in front of the posters in order to trigger a cutscene with the character.
DharThis will be the first character you unlock, as Dhar is unlocked early within the game’s campaign.
RazmiThis character is unlocked within the game’s campaign.
Ginseng and HoneyFind all three resurrection lillies for Ginseng.
ZebeiYou can find Zebei within Fortress Vimana’s prison.
TungarYou can find Tungar within Fortress Vimana’s prison.
KushiKushi is unlocked as soon as you complete the boss battle within Fortress Vimana.
ThoraniOnce you complete the Mt. Sumeru section of the game’s campaign, this character will become available.
QadiraNear the Temple section of the game’s campaign, this character will be unlocked.
TharwaOnce you reach Port Maerifa, Tharwa will become available. However, the character cannot be used in combat.
BaozhaiIn order to unlock Baozhai, you will need to first make it to the Tower of Wisdom. After that, make your way back to the pub in Port Maerifa. You will then unlock the character.
GeorgeThis character cannot be used in combat. However, George can be unlocked by returning to your save point just before you are tasked with leaving Port Maerifa.
PhoebeFirst, clear the blockade at Port Maerifa. Next, return to the location’s town. Within, you will find Phoebe. However, you will have to complete a quest for the character before you can unlock her. After defeating Phoebe in a sparring match outside of the port, the character will be unlocked.
NunaYou must rescue Nuna in Kaanul.
AsiriAfter unlocking the advanced slide ability, you will be able to enter the area necessary to unlock Asiri. The character cannot help you in combat, but can dye your clothes for you.
Hunoch and XibochOnce you defeat the Serpent Queen, there will be a new Incarnation queest for you to complete within Kaanul for two brothers. After completing the quest, the brothers will become new usable characters.
ZahraAfter learning the extended jump ability, you will be able to access the area necessary within Port Maerifa. From there, Zahra will ask you to complete a quest for her. Complete the quest to unlock the character.
LanshiAs part of the game’s campaign, you will unlock this character at the Mt. Sumeru Base.
Naga RiderYou will unlock the Naga Rider automatically once you return to Tai Kung City within the game’s campaign.
YanYan must be freed from a cage within Tai Krung City.
KampanOnce you return to The Iron Kingdom, this character will be unlocked.

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