How to Obtain Card Packs in Magic: The Gathering Arena

Here's how to build your collection in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

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Magic: The Gathering has garnered a massive fan base over the years. Bringing the decades old card game into the digital generation, the fine folks over at Wizards of the Coast have since released a free-to-play video game edition of the famous card game titled Magic: The Gathering Arena. With that in mind, check out our quick guide on how to obtain card packs within the massive digital card game down below.


The best way to earn cards in Magic: The Gathering Arena is to buy them. Luckily, the player will not have to stoop to using real money in order to fatten their digital card collections. Rather, Wizards of the Coast has implemented an in-game currency system.

There are two basic currencies within Magic: The Gathering Arena. There are gems, and there is gold. Off of wins alone, a player can earn up to 750 gold each day. Here is a quick list of each gold reward based on the number of wins per day.

Wins Per DayGold Reward
1 Wins250 Gold
2 Wins100 Gold
3 Wins100 Gold
4 Wins100 Gold
6 Wins50 Gold
8 Wins50 Gold
10 Wins50 Gold
12 Wins25 Gold
14 Wins25 Gold

The player will not receive a gold reward for every single victory, but will earn the totals provided above at the allotted victory totals per day. After four victories the player will begin to see severely diminishing returns for their efforts, however. Of course, there are other ways to earn gold.

A new quest will be presented each and every day. The details concerning the quest will vary, while the gold reward will differ between either 500 or 750. Luckily, the player can have three different active quests at any moment.

Lastly, the player may earn gold rewards through varying events. However, the rewards and the events themselves are quite circumstantial. Gems, on the other hand, must be purchased with real money through a microtransaction or must be earned as an event prize. If the player wishes to simply purchase their gems, 750 gems will cost a total $4.99. Gold can be used for everything gems can be used for, except for entry into certain events.

Booster Packs

There are several different card packs within Magic: The Gathering Arena. However, booster packs are among the most common. A standard booster pack contains eight cards. Among the cards are five common cards, two uncommon cards and one either rare or mythic rare card. A single booster pack costs a total 1,000 gold or 200 gems.

However, the player can also earn three booster packs each week as a reward for winning a weekly quest.

Draft Packs

Draft packs are much larger than their booster pack counterparts. Each draft pack contains 14 total cards. The land card will automatically be removed. A quick draft game costs a total 5,000 gold or 750 gems. Each draft card drawn from a draft pack will be added to the player’s collection.

Individual Cards

While card packs are great ways for players to boost their collections, it is possible to earn single cards on a daily basis. By winning upwards of 15 games a day, a player can earn upwards of six cards every 24 hours. A list of the total games won required to earn a new card may be viewed down below.

Wins Per DayCard Reward
5 Wins1 Individual Card Reward
7 Wins
1 Individual Card Reward
9 Wins
1 Individual Card Reward
11 Wins
1 Individual Card Reward
13 Wins
1 Individual Card Reward
15 Wins
1 Individual Card Reward

The Vault

The vault is a rather precarious element of Magic: The Gathering Arena. For every fifth duplicate of a common or an uncommon card a player collects, the player will earn experience towards opening the vault. A staggering total of 300 uncommon card duplicates or 900 common card duplicates are required to earn enough progress to actually open the vault.

Opening the vault will earn a player three uncommon wildcards, two rare wildcards and a single mythic rare wildcard.

Last Minute Tips and Tricks

  • New players will be able to nab the one-time purchase welcome bundle as a microtransaction. For $4.99, the player will receive 2,500 gems and a collection of booster packs.
  • New players can use the promo codes PlayRavnica and PlayAllegiance for three free decks each.

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