How to Reach Level 70 in a Hurry – A Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide

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The highly popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV is alive and well. In fact, the stupendous title is currently preparing for another incredible expansion known as Shadowbringers. In anticipation for the new expansion, many players are currently trying to get their characters leveled and ready. To that end, we have developed a quick guide of tips and tricks on how to level your character to 70 in a flash.

Play the Story Quests


When you first begin playing Final Fantasy XIV, there are quite a number of things you can do. That being said, when first adventuring within the world of Eorzea, you are going to want to stick to the main story quests.

Side quests can earn you some additional experience. However, simply playing through the game’s main story is an easy way to make it around level 30. Through level 15, you will receive new class quests every five levels as well. Make sure to complete these as you progress through the game for some solid experience early on.

If you want another way to boost your experience around the level 15 benchmark, complete the side quest Rising to the Challenge. This will unlock the challenge log, offering you another outlet for fast leveling early on in the game.

Don’t Forget to Eat and Sleep

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It is a simple thing, but quite effective. You need to both eat and sleep regularly if you want to keep your experience gains up.

You will receive a 3% experience boost in 30 minute intervals every time you eat something. This percentage may seem small, but the numbers add up if you consistently keep yourself fed. Beyond that, you should always log off of Final Fantasy XIV from a sanctuary.

You can accomplish this by logging off in a major city or near a blue teleportation crystal. You will notice a moon icon on your HUD once you have entered a sanctuary.

Spending time in a sanctuary offers a massive experience boost. Your experience gain will boost by a whopping 50%. And, that is not the end to the benefits of resting or logging out at a sanctuary.

Spending time at a sanctuary also grants you up to 1.5 level bars, though this process will take four days to complete.

Prioritize the Duty Roulette

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Participating in roulettes is the best way to boost your level after completing main story quests. Your objective here is to start with leveling roulettes. These will place you in either a light party dungeon or a light party trial. You will need to finish the Sastasha and The Tam-Tara Deepcroft dungeons in order to unlock these.

The queue for roulettes can be quite daunting for DPS characters, so you are going to want to try and finish side quests and other small tasks while you wait for a match. Once you have unlocked two or more trials, you can begin doing trial roulettes as well. These offer significant experience gains, though not quite as much as leveling roulettes.

If you focus on main story quests and your challenge log during the early stages of the game, you will quickly make your way to level 30. After that, start taking advantage of the leveling and trial roulettes. However, do not forget to keep yourself fed and rested so that you can make the most out of every mission.

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