Luigi’s Mansion 3 Spoiler Free Tips, Tricks and Hints

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a continuation of Luigi’s bad luck of having to rescue his brother from some wacky group that has captured him. In Luigi’s Mansion 3 you dive into a hotel that has many floors for you to tackle and locate your best friends who were invited for a weekend of relaxation that turned sour.

Overall, the game isn’t too complex. There are some minor jump scares, like interacting with a drawer may cause a jack in the box style effect. You’re guided throughout the game by your loyal pooch and if you’re ever really stuck, just go into the game menu for some hints or wait for a bit and one of the characters will help let you know what to do.

Otherwise, here are some tips to make the game a bit easier and to understand a few of the neat mechanics in Luigi’s Mansion 3:

General Tips

  • The starting tutorial will unlock the dark light, the suction and push functions of the vacuum, the boost (zl/zr) jump and introduce you to functions such as keys and the flashlight.
  • Green buttons can be activated with the flashlight.
  • You can get hints at any time in the menu plus in-depth lore about the characters in the game.
  • You can modify the controls so that the vacuum and flashlight move only horizontally with the right control stick and then vertical movement is done with the gyroscope in the controller. This can help calm down the wackiness of the movement a bit.
  • Likewise spend some time in the controls section to get the controls just right, part of the fun in the game is the wacky way in which Luigi controls with the vacuum.
  • Co-op is available by turning on another controller once Gooigi is introduced.
  • Unlike Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, you are graded at the end. The amount of money you collect is how your score will be calculated. Money is an optional side quest of sorts, if you’re not interested in money or gems you can focus only just the story elements and do fine in the game.

Exploration Tips

  • Mirrors are often at the center of puzzles. You will either see objects that don’t appear in the world (i.e. use your dark light on them / hold X) or you can see the other wall.
  • Sheets and other things in the world can be moved by suctioning them and then pulling in the other direction.
  • You have to backtrack sometimes to get some items in the game. The elevator can take you to levels you’ve played previously.

Combat Tips

  • You can suction two ghosts at once.
  • You can knock ghosts into one another to stun them.
  • ZL/ZR the air boost pushes ghosts back away from you.
  • Boss fights often have unique mechanics, ranging from mini-game style stages you have to play through to avoiding your flashlight stun so you can’t suction them. You may have to be patient to figure out what exactly you have to do to be able to suction them.
  • Only one boss in the game can be completed without suctioning them up, so never be afraid to suction away.
  • Gooigi regenerates health and can’t get a game over, so feel free to give the second controller to anyone. They can’t hinder your progress… too much.

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