Top Tips and Tricks for New War Thunder Players – A Beginner’s Guide

Fire up those engines.

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The hit vehicular combat game War Thunder has been around for many years now. That being said, this title still manages to draw in new players daily. With that in mind, we have developed some quick tips and tricks for new players to enjoy.

  • Need to slow down? Do a barrel roll. New players will undoubtedly try to execute incredible maneuvers in order to evade their attackers. However, you should stick to the basics if you are new to the game. The advanced techniques within War Thunder each have their place. However, it will take some time to master them. For instance, performing a barrel roll is often a useful way to quickly slow down your plane.
  • Resist the oncoming assaults. Sometimes you will catch a distant target within your crosshairs. Making the same discovery, your target may decide to take you on face-to-face. Don’t buy into it. Most of the time both pilots will end up losing a face-to-face showdown.
  • Lay off the fire button. Ammunition can be a bit scarce in War Thunder. Beyond that, your plane will begin to lose accuracy if you fire for too long. Simply feather the fire button when you are sure your target is within range and directly in your crosshairs.
  • Once you are ready, practice the Split S. The Split S is a staple technique among War Thunder pilots. If you ever have an enemy on your tail, then you are going to want to know this technique. Check out a diagram down below.
split s
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  • When you are ready, take advantage of the Boom and Zoom. If you are flying a hearty plane, then you will likely not be dogfighting among the most nimble of your enemies. Rather, you will want to fly at a higher altitude than the rest of the rabble. Once you have a target in sight, dive down and use the speed you’ve gained to quickly sneak up on your prey. After blasting them out of the sky, quickly make your way back up above the crowd of fighters.
  • Don’t be afraid to farm ground units. If you are new to War Thunder and you wish to garner all the fancy upgrades and unlockables, then you will have to take out some troops. Take out your enemy’s ground units by destroying their soldiers, AA turrets and convoys.
  • When driving a tank, always attack at an angle. While your tank’s armor plating may be thickest in the front or the back, the angle at which you approach enemies is far more important. Try to approach your targets at a 45-degree angle, so that their bullets will have fewer chances to penetrate your armor.
  • Take advantage of your surroundings. When it comes to battling in a tank, your top priority needs to be to find natural cover. Find a hillside for your tank to hide behind as it fires, exposing only a minimal about of your precious vehicle to counter attacks.
  • Do not ram your enemy. Things quickly turn chaotic during tank fights, especially for those new to War Thunder. When you are facing a fellow tank, you may feel the urge to ram them. Don’t. Ramming an enemy’s tank often ends in your own demise.
  • Memorize your enemies. Rather you are prowling the battlefields in a Sherman tank or shrieking through the sky in a fighter plane, it is important that you understand your enemy. Comb through all of the different planes, tanks and various upgrades so that you can get a feel for which vehicles have which advantages and disadvantages.

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