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5 Things to Know About Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Before You Play

Let's build an empire.

Firaxis Games knocked it out of the park with Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. The game has become a massive success, as it continues to wrangle in new and passionate strategy fans with each passing day. That being said, this game is no proverbial walk in the park. If you want to make the most out of your first campaign within this turn-based strategy wonder, then you are going to want to check out the five tips.

1. Choose Your Leader Wisely

There are several leaders to choose from in Civ VI. Each leader, however, comes with a unique set of abilities. Consequently, some leaders are better than others at achieving certain tasks. In order to make the most out of your strategy game experience, first consider what your ultimate goal is. Do you wish to campaign for world domination? Or, do you want to achieve a cultural victory for your populace? After you decide what your ultimate intention is, choosing a leader becomes much simpler. Check out the table below to see which leaders are best for which strategies.

LeaderVictory Type
Catherine (France) and Pericles (Greece)Cultural Victory
Barbarossa (Germany) and Hojo (Japan)Conquest Victory
Peter (Russia) and Teddy (America)Science Victory
Gandhi (India) and Phillip (Spain)Religious Victory

2. Find a Good Place to Settle Down

When you first begin your campaign, you will have to determine where on the map you would like to begin your settlement. You can always simply plop down wherever your first settler spawns. Or, you can take the time to do some exploring.

Try to find a spot with ample resources and some kind of geographical advantage. For instance, being next to a river will ensure you always have a supply of fresh water. Or, settling next to a mountain will make it more difficult for your enemies to surround you during times of war.

3. Pay Attention Before Building a District

If you simply place your districts wherever they are the least likely to get in the way of your other projects, then you are probably missing out. Many districts provide certain bonuses when placed next to certain things. You district may need to be near a wonder of the world or simply another district. Whatever it is, make sure you read up on your district of choice before placing it within your settlement.

4. Explore, Explore and Explore Some More

It may be tempting to simply stay put within your settlement and to do nothing more than micromanage your populace. However, you are going to have to explore if you want to succeed in Civilization VI. You should create a scout unit as soon as possible and then get them moving. You need to determine the geographical layout of your surroundings as soon as you can. Take note of important resources and locations of great militaristic value. Knowledge is power.

5. Do Not Brush Off the Barbarians

In previous Civilization games, the barbarians were more or less a common nuisance. They often did not add up to much, as they usually faced far more losses in combat than victories. Well, things have changed.

Barbarians in Civilization VI take full advantage of all their resources. Without intervention, they will prosper technologically at a fierce rate. Beyond that, the barbarians now send out scouts to discover new potential enemies before ransacking their settlements.

If you simply ignore the barbarians for too long, they will eventually consolidate their power and come proverbially knocking on your front door. Try to take care of any barbarians hoards as early as you can so that they do not grow into larger threats mid and end game.

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