Tips and Tricks to Staying Alive – A Dead by Daylight Survival Guide

It's time to plan our escape.

Behaviour Interactive’s survival horror game Dead by Daylight has become a smashing success over the years. That being said, players still often find themselves being eviscerated by the game’s encroaching slasher. For that reason, we have created a quick guide of tips and tricks to help Dead by Daylight players survive the oncoming onslaught.

  • Always remember your goal. If you want to survive in Dead by Daylight, then you will have to escape your killer. In order to do this, you will have to complete a series of skill checks and activate all five generators on the map. Activating a generator is a risky endeavor, as it is time-consuming and noisy. If you manage to evade your killer during this process, you will only have to make your way to the designated exit, activate the required switch and then take your leave.
  • Don’t bother trying to free yourself from a hook. Once you have been captured by the killer, do everything you can to escape their grasp. If you fail, then the killer will place you on a large meat hook. You will be given the opportunity to attempt to free yourself from the hook. But, you shouldn’t try. Failing to free yourself from the hook will lead to you taking additional damage and dying much faster. Simply wait for a teammate to free you.
  • Always be careful to not leave a trail. If you complete certain tasks, then you will leave a trail for your killer to follow. For instance, running and vaulting will each leave behind red markings for your killer to use to track you down.
  • Don’t forget about the third-person camera. The killer does not get access to a third-person perspective. However, you can switch to a third-person camera if you want to peak around a corner before lunging yourself over.
  • You cannot outrun your killer. Your killer will only gain more and more speed boosts as they begin to chase you. Consequently, you will have to break the line of sight and hide from your killer if you want to survive.
  • Avoid the crows. These easily started birds are often a dead giveaway to someone’s location. If you see a cluster of birds begin to flutter away unexpectedly, then your killer is likely close. Likewise, you should avoid crows in order to not give away your own position.
  • Sometimes you are just going to have to leave your teammates. It sounds harsh, but it is sometimes necessary. If one of your teammates has been hooked, your killer is likely using them as bait to capture you as well. Don’t immediately run to your downed ally to save the day. Be patient. It may be in your best interest to simply focus on activating the remaining generators so that you can escape.
  • Don’t be afraid to set up a distraction. Actions such as healing a teammate or repairing a generator often require skill checks. If you fail the skill check, then you will alert your killer to your location with a loud noise. However, you can use this feature to your advantage. Keep your killer guessing by intentionally failing a skill check here and there. Simply crouch and crawl away from the noise you just made and make your way to another high priority location on the map.
  • Figure out which killer you are facing ASAP. There are several different killers within Dead by Daylight. As each killer comes with their own unique set of skills, it can be incredibly beneficial to know precisely whom you are facing before stumbling into one of their traps or ambushes. Each killer makes a unique noise when using their abilities and provide unique aesthetics to the maps. For instance, the meat hooks for a wraith will bee covered in bandages.
  • There’s a hatch and it might just save your life. If you are the final surviving member of your team and at least two generators have been activated, then an escape hatch will randomly be placed on the map. If you manage to find the escape hatch, then you can quickly sneak away from your killer for a stealthy victory.

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