Five Things Different About Elsweyr in Elder Scrolls Online

It's time to conquer Elsweyr.

Image credit to Bethesda Softworks.

The highly popular Elder Scrolls Online recently took players to the new and exciting lands of Elysweyr. With these new lands, however, also came new and interesting features. With that in mind, we have decided to offer some tips and tricks to success in Elysweyr.

1. There is Now a New Class, The Necromancer

The Necromancer has added a series of new skill lines that offer unique and fascinating abilities. If you want to make the most out of your defeated enemies by making them fight by your side, then the Necromancer is right for you.

2. PvP Artifacts Are Here… and They’re Terrifying

Four to five times per day, PVP artifacts will be spawned into the world. These weapons replace your skill bar with their own and feed on your life essence if you do not keep them satiated. If you do not feed them alliance points, then they will kill you in time. That being said, the powerful weapons may just be worth the risk.

3. There is Now a Guild Finder

Guild Leaders can place their guild’s title within this new Guild Finder in order to add their name to the massive guild directory. This tool is designed to help like minded guilds discover each other.

4. Cyrodiil’s Campaigns Have Changed

Bethesda has redone every campaign as a celebration of the new expansion. The campaigns can be seen below.

  • Bahlokdaan: 30 Day No Champion Points & Alliance Locked
  • Kaalgrontiid: 30 Day Champion Points Enabled & Alliance Locked
  • Yolnahkriin: 7 Day Champion Points Enabled
  • Mulaamnir: Levels 10-49
  • Imperial City: No Champion Points
  • Imperial City: Champion Points Enabled

5. Dragons…

For the first time ever, dragons now exist within the Elder Scrolls Online experience. If you want to destroy one of these roaming creatures, then you are going to have to gather a large party. If your party decide they want to hunt these creatures, then they should out the new Trial: Sunspire.

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