GameTruth is now Gaming Tier List

April 4, 2021

Game Truth (GameTruth) is now Gaming Tier List, with the domain “” moving to “” None of the staff of the site or other parameters of operation is changing, but the focus of the site will move from opinion / editorial content to purely focused on guides and tier lists for games. It’s obvious our community has found us to be a great source of tier lists and guides across multiple games and this rebranding is the Gaming Tier List team’s commitment to advancing the site’s guide and tier list based content.

In the coming days, weeks and months some parts of the site may change as our focus shifts more into tier lists and guides and some minor menu adjustments may appear, but the content and the staff will remain the same.

If you have any bookmarks, we will maintain a redirect but encourage you to update your bookmarks with this change.

We will be announcing new programs coming soon, allowing you to post your content (and get paid) in addition to updates to our tier lists and more.

We look forward to our future serving the gaming community and honoring our original promise, true and faithful content that is focused on advancing the gaming community.

Thank You

Gaming Tier List (formally Game Truth) Staff

Cheryl Brown is a video game journalist with 7 years of experience. She is known for her in-depth analysis of the gaming industry and her ability to connect with her audience. Cheryl has worked for several gaming publications where she has written numerous articles and reviews. Her passion for gaming began at a young age, and she has since become an expert in the field. Cheryl is also an advocate for diversity in gaming and has spoken at several conventions on the topic. She believes that video games have the power to bring people together and create positive change in the world. Cheryl is a graduate of the University of Southern California, where she earned a degree in journalism.