Watch: YouTube Star Shot by Security Guard During Live Stream

Streaming has become an increasingly popular practice through the recent years. With the coming success of the platform, more than a few strange occurrences have followed. Now it would appear that one YouTube streamer has been shot while allegedly antagonizing a local security guard.

Zhoie Perez, known as Furry Potato Live to her fans, streams content on YouTube. The popular streamer centers much of her content on observing local law enforcement. This time, however, the streamer decided to do a little more than simply watch on.

As reported by BuzzFeed News, the popular streamer recently recorded a live stream of herself spending some time around the Etz Jacob Congregation and Ohel Chana High School building in Los Angeles. A local security guard, later identified as 44-year-old Edduin Zelayagrunfeld, confronted Perez and asked her to leave the premises. Perez allegedly began provoking the armed security guard.

Some viewers have since refuted BuzzFeed News’ claim that the building houses a school. “Mrs. Potato” offered an internet comment on the report, claiming “there is no indication whatsoever there is a school anywhere there.”

After being instructed to leave, Perez stepped back momentarily. However, the streamer did not leave the premises. Following a heated exchange, the security guard elected to draw his weapon and, as Buzzfeed News reports, warn Perez that he would open fire if she did not comply.

After Perez failed to follow the security guard’s demands, Zelayagrunfeld fire a shot into the ground near the streamer. However, the bullet ricocheted and reportedly grazed Perez in the leg. The streamer quickly stated, “F**ker shot me in the leg.”

Image of Zhoie Perez’s injury following an altercation with a Los Angeles security guard, via Game Rant

Perez retreated to a nearby parked car, as Zelayagrunfeld pursued with his weapon still drawn. Nearby bystanders began shouting for the security guard to holster his weapon. Police shortly arrived to the scene, providing medical attention to Perez and arresting Zelayagrunfeld ”on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.”

User “Mrs. Potato” later offered another online comment, claiming that Perez has also been arrested within relation to the incident. However, an official report has yet to confirm if the streamer has been charged or arrested.


Perez reportedly uploaded two separate videos, including a live stream of the incident. One of the videos has since been removed. A video from the scene, which features Perez revealing her wound, may be viewed below.

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