House Flipper 2 Review

House Flipper 2 really elevates the iconic formula that House Flipper brought about and renovates the game from top to bottom. The biggest change comes in the form of the graphics. Whereas House Flipper originally looked more like a source engine game (now compared to the new edition), House Flipper 2 looks like a slick modern title really taking a large shine to cleaning virtual homes and laying down virtual flooring.

Those tasks get elevated as well with extra polish. Everything from painting to placing items is tighter and with more controls. The leveling system is easier and the upgrades dramatically change your overall gameplay.

Compared to the original there is so much more content too. A lot of different house designs and way more in terms of features to renovate.

Freedom is something that House Flipper 2 gives you when it comes to doing missions and flipping houses. Not to say House Flipper wasn’t genius in its own right when it was released. The early game eases you into the game’s mechanics but doesn’t make you break your back at an otherwise easy chore. You can wrap up early and cash out which the game encourages you to do while you can become the perfectionist and clean every detail spotless.

Quick note, we’ve been overwhelming satisfied with the developer’s continued support of the game post-launch.

Flipping Houses

In the game you start off with picking up trash. Then you move to the other renovation tasks and finally are placed into the world to flip houses for a profit yourself. Buying a house and then turning it into a new home, including staging it with furniture. You can adjust many of the details of the home and refine everything to your exacting desire.

The game is liberal with money, especially early on and you get to slowly work on renovating your first property while you play through the first missions which is great.

Upgrades really make the game much more enjoyable after you’ve gone through the original grind of picking up every item. Being able to pickup several items, have lots of trash cans, be able to copy/paste styles, etc. can really soften up the chores and make them satisfying while the action still meaningful.

Everything in the game is just satisfying. The game is just overall very satisfying.


The Lesser Polished Spots

The only gripe I have is that the house flipping is more or less locked behind a tutorial. You’ve got to go through cleaning, painting and then renovating before you’re working on your own houses. That’s not such a huge deal, considering you can wrap up early and move on. You also get XP early on to make cleaning easy (AoE clean-up anyone?).

Oh, and the vacuum literally sucks, but I figure that’ll get some love in an update.


If you want a game that’s ASMR personified, to clean someone else’s house for maximum satisfaction, something to do while talking online to your friends, something to meditate on or just something outright fun then get House Flipper 2. Once you run out of things to do, go get House / Garden Flipper.

This review included a game key provided by the developer.

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