Mii Channel


There was something magical about creating your Mii. Picking out your hair, eyes, height weight, favorite color, it was all such a mystical experience. Soon, my Mii wasn’t enough. I had to have more. My brothers and I would binge-create Mii’s until our Mii Channel was full of a Mii mob. We would create Mii’s modeled after family, friends, and even characters from tv and movies. The Mii addiction was all too real. We needed help. Creating Mii’s was always entertaining. If you were bored, try creating some of the most absurd Mii’s as possible. It was such a creative, refreshing idea. The fun thing with a horde of Mii’s in your plaza was that they would pop up in your games. If you were playing Wii Sports, your created Mii’s would become your teammates or audience, and it was cool to see which ones made the cut. Taking on…