Red Bull


Honestly water is the best drink and I’m pretty sure every study and everything out there is going to talk peak performance on a steady diet of drinking water. Gamers though demand more than just water, obviously, preferably something with RGBs in it I’m sure. That’s where we take a look at the popular gamer drinks here in 2019. As a reminder, the FDA puts a limit on the daily consumption of caffeine at around 400mg. Drink any of the following in moderation and we’re not doctors, so make sure to read what’s in something before you drink it. Monster & Red Bull The 30 year old boomers choice, Monster and Red Bull both have caffeine and a ton of other junk in them. They taste good, although watch the calories on the non-diet versions and make sure not to drink too many. GFuel If you love Kool-Aid with the…