The Ascent


The Ascent is a cyberpunk action rpg that puts you in the role of an indent, someone who is effectively owned by a corporation and in this instance, the biggest corporation of them all: The Ascent Group. The game isn’t extremely long, but the world’s lore is very deep and quite interesting. For those of you who haven’t played and don’t want spoilers, I suggest you stop reading now. The Story of The Ascent So the player, as the indent, is tasked by Poone who is sort of the stack boss of the area to help bring sanity to their level by doing various miscellaneous tasks. The AGI, an Artificial General Intelligence, owned by The Ascent Group becomes non-responsive forcing the Ascent Group into bankruptcy. This results in the eventual corporate takeover by yCorp, which enlists the indents help to find out what happened to the AGI and bring it…