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Best Couch Co-Op Xbox Game Pass Games 2023

Playing together can be a lot of fun and the Internet enables us to play remotely. There are, however, many scenarios where it’s more fun to play together when together in real life. There’s no excuse to try out tons of games together considering Game Pass is an all you can eat buffet of games as long as your subscription is active.

We’ll take a look at the best couch co-op games of 2023. In our list below we outline what games we think are worth playing, even if they are C tier, they’re on the list so it might be worth checking out.

Our highest recommended are going to be right now: It Takes Two (2 player), Undercooked 2 (4 player), and Fable II (2 player RPG). We’ve got some more options we’ll explore below as well.

Best Couch Co-Op Games on Xbox Game Pass

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To mark the best games to play, I would personally say you should play It Takes Two if you’re wanting something to do as a duo, Undercooked 2 if you’re looking for a group session with more than 2 and Fable II if you want a long game to enjoy together.

If you’re looking for hot join, our A tier right now would be Gears of War, Halo and Minecraft Dungeons. These are very strong games that let you hop in and play together. Gears is two players mostly, Halo is four (or more in PvP) and Minecraft Dungeons is basically a really fun Diablo-esq clone that’s easy to play together on TV – I’ve logged personally a lot of hours in that one.

Move more into some other options, you’ve got some classics like the A Tier like Doom and GoldenEye. Plants vs. Zombies, Goat Simulator and Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts (amazing game) round out our last bit. They’ve got split screen and it’s aight, but games made for co-op are going to fair better.

The All Round Option

We’ve got a comedy option of C for Battletoads. It’s like a TNMT game or a Rayman game with more confusion on what it is which is perfect if you don’t know what you want to play and need something to play right now.

There’s lots of good multiplayer games as well that wouldn’t exactly be on this list, but we’re talking couch co-op. The Ascent is kind of difficult in my mind to really enjoy in a couch co-op session so that’s why we didn’t recommend it. Golf With Your Friends is better online than in person.

There’s lots of indie games out there to explore for couch co-op as well. Among Us is available, again, not as great in real life. Civ VI again is hard to play together in-real life. Spelunky 2 is good. Unravel Two is alright locally as well.

Hopefully a game on our list or recommendations helped you have a better game night. Go out and enjoy the games!

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