The Legend of Zelda


The top RPGs from the 1990s onward are essential for fans, redefining the genre’s standards. Skyrim offers expansive moddable gameplay, while The Witcher 3 delivers impactful choices and story. Final Fantasy VII is celebrated for its narrative, and Ocarina of Time is notable for immersive play. Mass Effect set precedents with its narrative and gun-based action. These games exemplify the transformative escapism RPGs provide, setting benchmarks for future titles.

In 2023, our staff collaborated to create a comprehensive ranking of the year’s games. Standouts include Alan Wake II and Armored Core VI in the S+ tier, with titles like Dead Space Remastered and Tales of Symphonia Remastered in the S tier. The A tier features games like Cities Skylines 2 and Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

Below is literally a true to the title’s words list of 5 random games that people will argue that the games are better than Fortnight. I source this list from many previous conversations where I was just asking for my friends to work hard on their epic victory royales and really bring in that chicken dinner, but alas they instead tell me: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild… is better than Fortnite. Metacritic gives it a 97 and literally any video gamer that you talk to who is a true video gamer that has played it will also give it around a 97 because it’s truly an amazing game. For the Nintendo Switch / Wii U, it pushes what you can do with colors and the world even on hardware that’s always last gen. H1Z1 – Not Battle Royale … is better than Fortnite. Much like Firefly, H1Z1…

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is without a doubt one of the best games I have played in years. With so much to do and explore, I found myself lost in the world of Hyrule once again. Breath of the Wild brings a fresh view to the way a Zelda game is played. Your options are limitless. You can do anything you want. Ordinarily, Zelda games in the past had a certain formula. You have to defeat a couple of temples, where you usually find an item that helps you to navigate the temple and defeat the final boss. You then get the Master Sword, defeat a few more temples, and then you fight Ganon or the main boss. It is all a linear story. From the beginning of Breath of the Wild, you get the sense that this is no ordinary Zelda game. You realize the…