The Legend of Zelda


Below is literally a true to the title’s words list of 5 random games that people will argue that the games are better than Fortnight. I source this list from many previous conversations where I was just asking for my friends to work hard on their epic victory royales and really bring in that chicken dinner, but alas they instead tell me: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild… is better than Fortnite. Metacritic gives it a 97 and literally any video gamer that you talk to who is a true video gamer that has played it will also give it around a 97 because it’s truly an amazing game. For the Nintendo Switch / Wii U, it pushes what you can do with colors and the world even on hardware that’s always last gen. H1Z1 – Not Battle Royale … is better than Fortnite. Much like Firefly, H1Z1…