Gaming Tier List’s 2023 Game Tier List

We’ve got our staff togethered and polled everyone on what they played this year and where they’d rank it. We’ve since worked hard to combine everyone’s opinion and deliver a ranking of the games we think are relevant for 2023. This is a historical page, listing every game we played in 2023 and where we would rank it.

For rankings, S+ are the best games of the year, followed by S Tier which we consider the highlights of the year. Our A tier is comprised of really solid titles for the year and our B tier contains everything else that we played and thought was worth an honorable mention.

If you’re looking for a diplomatic look at game rankings for each year, look at The Steam Awards, which ranks games voted on by players on the Steam platform.

Games that came out in 2023 that were not listed below we consider, from our point of view, not the highlight of the year or something historically relevant. With that said, here are our highlights of the year:


Alan Wake II

Alan Wake 2 is our game of the year. You can find out more in our review.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

An honorable mention for the year, for those who don’t enjoy the horror genre, Armored Core VI was a standout absolute highlight that had multiple members of staff working through the game three times to see the full story and play all missions.

S Tier

A Tier

B Tier

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