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NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Item Tier List 2023

You’ve seen our hero tier list for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. Now it’s time for which items are best. This is a bit subjective since even the F tier weapons may be in some player’s favor, but that’s okay. Please use this as a general guide for which weapon to pick going into combat in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

Let’s get equipped for battle:

S Tier Items (Best Items in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT)

The best items are:

  1. Longsword: The most common and useful sword. It’s got a long range.
  2. Dagger: Needs more finesse than the Longsword, but the damage makes up for it.
  3. Spear: Used to be higher, however, it’s a frequent target of nerfs due to its range and ability to stagger.
  4. Bow: Ranged weapon that gives you a bit of an advantage in a melee focused game.
  5. Musket: Ranged weapon that gives a bit better aim and a charged shot ability (plus more ammo). Frequent target of nerfs unlike the bow.

A Tier Items

These items are okay to use:

  • Repeating Crossbow: It’s okay.
  • Katana: The longsword is better.

B Tier Items

I’d want to really want to get these items to be my favorite before considering them.

  • Greatsword: SLOW
  • Pistol: WEAK
  • Swarm: SLOW

C Tier Items

I’d rather something else.

  • Bloodripper: DAGGER
  • Flamebringer: WEAK




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