IdleOn’s Companion Updates Continues to Fatigue a Highly Active Community

The update continues to weigh on the community.

Legends of Idleon has somehow achieved an interesting status as a game that the community dislikes, across the official channels (which are moderated out) and the sub-communities. The developer, LavaFlame2, has mostly gone silent with little content since the release of companions with a high emphasis on events and quality of life updates.

Understanding the Companion Update

We’ve previously covered the companion update and LavaFlame2’s response that it’s a marketing ploy. The community still, since June 17th, has remained stagnant and in a constant state of burnout. The updates aren’t met with much excitement since Doot remains the critical “need” to get to the top of the leaderboards, get the most everything, do all the things quickly, etc.

It’s still at a point of why use any candy if you don’t have Doot?

The community remains completely openly hostile to the developer, and has increased monetization through not only the second (green currency) but multiple packages, which are advertised in the game. Those advertisements are met with this feedback:


The community on Reddit continues the pressure that LavaFlame2 has been pressing pay2win too hard:

image 1

Fallout Since June 17th

We’re now in October, ’bout four months out. Guilds are stagnating and losing membership. Checking multiple discords, you can find posts like this:

image 2

These are frequent posts in IdleOn guilds. Most of the time, this one included, the community rallies together and is able to start recruiting again (the game remains highly active still) and begins working on playing other games together.

Advice to Guilds

The guild update is way overdue and farming GP at this point is useless if you want the leaderboards. Focus on taking your Discord community and getting your active posters to work on getting another version of your guild running in another game that everyone agrees on. That’s the critical magic to make the switchover work and keep your guild protected if IdleOn’s burnout continues on the older members.

Remember that there’s lots of new players out there too you can recruit. It can be difficult to forget some of the old timers who have moved on, but if IdleOn is your passion then don’t stop recruiting. Keep at it.

Talk to your guild, be honest where your emotions are, etc.

At the end of the game, until trading is turned on or the leaderboards mean anything (with the rampant cheating), there’s not much to worry about if you’re having fun. Don’t compare yourself to others and pay2win updates won’t get at you.

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