Get a Taste of ‘Headbangers Rhythm Royale’ During Steam Next Fest

Glee-Cheese and Team17 Digital are cranking up the volume with a demo of their upcoming musical battle royale game, ‘Headbangers Rhythm Royale’. The demo drops during the much-anticipated Steam Next Fest, running from October 9-16. I LOVE rhythmn games so this sounds pretty hype.

This sneak preview will let you dive into the rhythm-packed chaos with 11 of the 23 mini-games set to feature in the full version. You’ll get the chance to tap along with the beat, testing your reflexes and timing in this symphony of mayhem.

But that’s not all! You’ll also unlock 20 of the 40 free battle pass levels, giving you early access to some seriously stylish pigeon plumage and a glimpse at the sassy styles to be earned in the full game. The Steam demo is your golden ticket to groom and glamorize your feathered fighter before hitting the dance floor on launch day, October 31.

Alongside the Steam demo, players can also pigeon-dive headfirst into the fun with the Headbangers Rhythm Royale closed beta on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, which showcases the same im-peck-able content. Access to the beta can be requested by filling in this form.

Headbangers Rhythm Royalte Press Release

In addition to the Steam demo, a closed beta for Headbangers Rhythm Royale is available now on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The beta includes the same content as the Steam demo, so console players can also join in on the rhythmic fun.

When it launches on October 31, Headbangers Rhythm Royale will bring a flurry of flap-tapping gameplay to Xbox Game Pass on Xbox and PC. Up to 30 player-controlled pigeons will battle beak-to-beak in manic musical mini games, testing memory, rhythm, reflexes, and reaction time. With 23 minigames each with a unique musical twist, unlockable customizations, and cross-platform flocking, Headbangers Rhythm Royale looks to be a coo-ool new addition to the battle royale scene.

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