How Apex Legends is giving Titanfall 2 a much-needed boost

Why Respawn Entertainments latest Battle Royal title is bringing people back to a criminally underrated game

Everyone has that one underrated game from their childhood that always brings back those nostalgic memories of simpler and more innocent times. The problem is that most of the time you realize that you only thought those games were great was because you were seeing them through rose-colored glasses and if you actually went back and played them you would realize how they weren’t underrated but just honestly not that good. Luckily Titanfall 2 is definitely not one of those cases even if it wasn’t exactly from anyone’s childhood per se. Significant portions of the internet were singing the praises of Titanfall 2 even in the midst of being buried by the more popular title Battlefield One that not only released one week earlier but was also published by EA which essentially means the EA undermined their own game. Cool. Thanks again EA…… Dicks.

titanfall2 pilot and titan
Image pulled from the official Titanfall 2 website

However not only did the game perform very well critically despite being essentially buried alive by their own publisher, but now the community around it is being brought back from the dead because of Respawn Entertainments latest title Apex Legends. Ever since Apex started gaining traction, the near-constant reminder that is floating around the internet is “Hey I know another game you’ll like if you like Apex. Its called Titanfall 2 you uncultured swine!”. Which is fantastic, as I said earlier I think the game is criminally underrated. I have to admit though that I am also in the group that sadly skipped out on Titanfall 2 upon its initial release, thankfully I managed to pick it up on sale recently and I haven’t stopped talking about it since.

The highlight of the game is absolutely the single-player campaign, which I would not only qualify as one of the best of any FPS that I have ever played but may even be one of the best single player campaigns ever. If I could recommend something to anyone that is thinking about jumping into this fantastic game I would definitely jump straight into the campaign, the feeling of learning and developing your skills fits so perfectly with the theme and set up of the story that it is the easiest way to really put yourself into Jack Cooper’s shoes. Everything about the story manages the outclass every other game in its field, the story is easy fun and interesting without boring the average gamer with unnecessary lore points but gives a cheeky wink where appropriate, the combat flows really well and every gunfight feels intense without being overwhelming. There is even a training course that, depending on how well you perform in the course the game will recommend what difficulty you should play on. Not only that but the game is actually fairly accurate with its recommendations. When I completed the course the game said I should play on Hard mode which I am always hesitant to do on any FPS because I am typically garbage but for Titanfall the game felt perfect for me, not too hard and not too easy.

Titanfall 2 sunset
Image pulled from the official Titanfall 2 website

Whether or not you like Apex Legends I am glad it exists simply for the fact that it got me to play such a fantastic game. Hopefully, anyone out there that was on the fence about playing Titanfall 2 reads this article and gives this game the real and true shot that it deserves. Also if you were hesitant because it is published by EA and you didn’t want to give them more money I highly recommend that you bite the bullet and get a truly great game.

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