Amid Evil Achievement Guide

It's time to track down some achievements.

Image credit to New Blood Interactive

New Zealand’s Indefatigable has created a seriously epic action game. Titled Amid Evil, the game was first introduced through early access back in 2018. However, the game was officially released on June 20, 2019. Now players are flocking to this game in droves.

If you want to make the most out of this retro, Heretic spiritual successor, then you are going to want to track down every achievement the game has to offer. Check out each achievement down below.

AbysmalDie in the Gateway
HippieGet through a level without killing anything
Filthy CheaterUse a cheat code
DON’T GO!Quit the game
OverkillerGet 100 Overkills
GenociderKill all enemies in an episode
Heh, BrutalAxe kill 10 enemies in under 10 seconds
ArmageddonBlow up the earth
Amid DifficultyFind Evil Difficulty
If you can…Find the hidden developer room
KillerKill all enemies in a level
ExplorerFind all the secrets in a level
CollectorPick up every item in a level
Speed RunnerBeat a level’s par time
ScholarRead all inscriptions in a level.
Close ShaveFinish a level on less than 10 health
All-outFinish a level with no mana
Soul SacrificeFinish a level with soul mode on
DestroyerDestroy all decorations in a level
Soul LimboExtend soul mode for 30 seconds
The almighty powerUse each soul mode attack once
SeeyaBanish 10 enemies into a black hole
HardcoreGet all awards in a level
Super NovaDestroy 5 enemies with a sun
The chosen oneRest easy.
A Real KlutzExperience each type of death
NO TOUCHY.Ready for anything
He swims, he hungersFind the idol of the ancient god
FNORDFind an obscure reference
Savior of the MoonBeat Astral Equinox
Savior of the SentinelsBeat Domain of the Sentinels
Savior of the SunBeat Solar Solstice
Savior of the PilgrimBeat the Sacred Path
Savior of the MachineBeat the Forges
Savior of the MagesBeat the Arcane Expanse
Savior of the UniverseBeat the Abyss

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