My Friend Pedro Achievement Guide

Let's go achievement hunting.

Devolver Digital’s My Friend Pedro is a brilliant shoot ’em up filled with intense, inventive action that will leave you always wanting more. And, the game just came out on Thursday, June 20. If you want to earn every achievement this wonderful shooter has to offer, then you are going to want to check out the list down below.

Guide to Victory

There are only 30 achievements within this game, making that 100% objective less daunting of a task than in some other games. In fact, getting each every achievement in My Friend Pedro is not terribly complicated objective. You will need to kill a whopping 2,000 enemies, which means you will need to put some time into the game.

Perhaps the most difficult achievement to earn is “Ah, Combon now!” To earn this one, you will need to earn a x50 combination multiplier. If you put in enough time within the game to earn 2,000 kills, however, you will likely become comfortable enough with the game’s mechanics to achieve this multiplier without too much hassle.

You will have to earn an S – Ranking on every level, however. Try to simply enjoy your first playthrough, as you will likely rack up plenty of achievements along the way. After that, focus on earning those S rankings. As you complete these tasks, you will naturally garner stats towards achievements like “Because video games” and “Shamona.”

After you’ve earned those S rankings, come back to the list below and clean up whatever is left. Ultimately, earning 100% in this game will take some time. However, it should not be too difficult of a challenge.

Because video gamesBreak 100 crates
Make an entranceJump through 10 windows
Three birds, one explosionKill at least 3 enemies with one explosion
Mumbo ComboGet a 10x combo
Comb-o-verGet a 20x combo
Ah, Combon now!Get a 50x combo
Well doneKick a frying pan in to the face of an enemy
Sk8, don’t h8Kick a skateboard in to the face of an enemy
Think fastKick a Gas Canister in to the face of an enemy
Knife to meat youStick a knife in to an enemy
Flying panKill enemy by ricocheting bullet off frying pan
JesterJuggle basketball 10 times without it touching anything
Barrely saw it comingKill an enemy using a barrel
Table serviceFlip 10 tables
ShamonaDodge 1000 bullets
Yes you canKick enemies 100 times
They probably deserved itKill 500 enemies
Murderous tendenciesKill 1000 enemies
Questionable moralKill 2000 enemies
Gold star for youGet an S-rating
WowGet S-rating on 10 levels
Brush your shoulders offGet S-rating on 25 levels
S for SenseiGet S-rating on all levels
Numb fingersComplete a level without firing a weapon
One for the roadFinish chapter “Old Town”
Leap of faithFinish chapter “District Null”
What just happened?Finish chapter “Pedro’s World”
Train of thoughtFinish chapter “The Sewer”
Connection lostFinish chapter “The Internet”
Face the truth Finish the game

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