How to Finish and How to Find Every Rune Trial in Doom

Check out every rune you can get in Doom.

Doom is all about raw power. Slaying through hoards of demons is nothing but one larger than life power trip throughout this entire game. That being said, there are ways you can become an even more powerful slayer of demons and evil.

Within Doom, there are a series of rune trials that you can discover and complete in order to earn runes. These runes can be equipped in order to provide special powers. Check out the list below to discover them all.

1. Vacuum

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You can find the first Rune Trial within the Argent Facility. This trial is tied to the story mission, so you can’t miss it. The trial will introduce itself around the time you begin disabling Argent Filters during the campaign.

In order to complete the mission, you will need to kill 15 Imps with a shotgun. By completing this trial, you will earn the Vacuum Rune.

This rune will increase the range from which you can absorb items.

2. Dazed and Confused

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The next rune trial can also be found within the Argent Facility mission. While playing through the campaign, you will eventually come across some nests above a blue forcefield. This will occur late within the mission.

On the other side of the nest, you will find a large hanging crate. Continue downwards until you make your way through a door. Continue forward until you find a the gate Marked 1. Make your way up to the ledge to your right and you will find the next Rune Trial.

For this trial, you will need to destroy 30 barrels before the timer runs out. After completing the trial, you will earn the Dazed and Confused rune, which increases the duration of the stagger effect on enemies.

3. Ammo Boost

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You will have to begin the Argent Energy Tower mission in order to find this trial. After you enter the large room near the beginning of the mission, the Rune Trial will be located within the smaller adjacent room. You will have to continue through the campaign until you earn the Boost Boots so that you can access the area.

To complete the trial, you will need to kill 30 Unwilling with the Super Shotgun before the timer expires. Completing this trial will earn you the Ammo Boost rune, which increases the value of ammunition earned from demons and items.

4. Equipment Power

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This rune trial is also within the Argent Energy Tower mission. Make your way up the tower, but do not progress all of the way to the top. There is a position where you can leap back down into the tower for this Rune Trial.

In order to complete the trial, you will have to kill 10 enemies with exploding barrel damage. Completing this trial will earn you the Equipment Power rune, which improves all of your equipment.

5. Seek and Destroy

This Rune Trial can be found within Kadingir Sanctum. Once you find the second teleporter, you will be near the trial.

Enter the building behind the teleporter to find the trial. You will have to earn three Death From Above kills on Hell Knights in order to earn the Seek and Destroy rune. This rune will extend the range of your Glory Kills.

6. Savagery

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This Rune Trial can also be found within Kadingir Sanctum. The Rune Trial is near the blue door, but you will have to progress through the campaign until you can open the door.

Once you are through the door, jump across the nearby platform. Make a left and then jump to the next ledge. Finally, leap to the nearby floating platform and follow it to your next Rune Trial.

To complete this Rune Trial, you only need to reach the altar before time expires. You can kill nearby Imps to increase your time.

Finishing this Rune Trial will earn you the Savagery rune, which allows you to perform Glory Kills at a faster rate.

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