How to Earn a Decahextris in Tetris Effect – A Guide to Improving Your High Score

Here's how you can earn the big points.

What is a Decahextris?

There are levels of skill in Tetris Effect. If you want to be the best, you will have to master the decahextris. Traditionally, a tetris is earned whenever you clear four lines of shapes at once. A octoris is when you clear eight lines. A decatris is when you clear 10 lines. A dodecatris is when you clear 12 lines of shapes all at once.

One of the toughest moves to pull off is the decahextris. This occurs whenever you clear 16 lines of shapes all at once. That being said, it is a little more complicated than that in Tetris Effect.

How Do You Complete a Decahextris?

In order to earn a decahextris, you will have to fill up your zone meter within the game’s Journey mode. After that, you can use the move to quickly boost your high score.

Choosing a Difficulty

The first step is choosing your difficulty in Journey mode. There are three difficulties within the game, being Beginner, Normal and Expert. If it’s your first time, it is suggested that you test your skills in Beginner mode. After some practice, you can work your way up to crushing a decahextris in Expert mode if you want to earn a brutal high score.

Of course, things will be moving much faster on the harder difficulties so watch out. Simply try your best at the initial Journey mode stage “The Deep” for starters.

Filling Your Zone Meter

If you want to earn a decahextris, then you will have to fill up your Zone Meter. The Zone Meter can be found in the bottom left corner of the screen, noted within the image provided above.

Your Zone Meter fills every time you clear a line. Every stage will have a designated total of lines you will need to clear in order to fill the Zone Meter.

Once you activate the Zone Meter, the game will slow down significantly. During this period, all of your line clears will count as if they occurred simultaneously. Consequently, you can clear two sets of eight lines and still earn a decahextris.

How to Clear 16 Lines at Once

To clear lines efficiently, you should place a “well.” This is the concept of leaving a single open vertical line while building shapes upwards everywhere else. Check out the illustration provided above for an example.

The idea behind the “well” is that you can clear multiple items at once by placing a block within the “well” after you have stacked multiple lines within the game. This will quickly fill your Zone Meter while earning you some serious points.

While building your “well,” be on the lookout for I-shaped blocks. You will need to place one of these in your Hold Queue. In order to hold onto an I-block, or tetrimino, tap your right bumper. Tap the bumper once more whenever you are ready to release the I-block into the game.

Try to only build stacks of four lines at a time before dropping your I-block into the well, as stacking lines too high can get risky. After some time, you will finally have your Zone Meter filled.

Once it is full, build your stack at least eight lines high and keep an eye out for your next I-block. Once you have your line stacks and the next I-block appears, activate your Zone Meter. In order to activate your Zone Meter, pull the left trigger.

Next, send that I-block into your well. This will immediately clear eight lines off of the board. If you are running out of space waiting for an I-block, use the one stored within your Hold Queue.

Now, you have a cleared board to work with. But, you need to work fast. You still need to clear eight more lines in order to earn that decahextris.

Since the board is cleared at this point and you have an I-block stored up, you can afford to take the time to stack your final eight lines before dropping that I-block for your big finale.

That being said, you should try clearing lines in pairs of two if things get hectic and the board begins to fill. After all, you simply need to finish 16 lines in total before the Zone Meter effect comes to an end.

An example of someone completing a decahextris on the fly can be seen down below.

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