Powerwash Simulator Guide

Power Wash Simulator is the latest in the niche yet ever growing mainstream of “common job simulation” games except this one is a bit more satisfying than some other titles, for sure. You’re equipped with your trusty power washer and the ability to change nozzles with a flick of your mouse wheel as you clean grim and cut away at graffiti. There is some interesting tricks to speed up your power wash, but one quick disclaimer:

Power Wash Simulator is more of a relaxing jaunt through cleaning than an objective based game. You’re under no pressure to clean faster and there really isn’t anything beyond the super obvious “spray it with water” to get the most out of this game. This is a rare title I’d say it’s more fun to be slow and methodical than it would be to power through it, but we want to take a look at some ways to really improve your washing capability.

The Right Nozzle for the Right Job

You’re equipped by default with 4 primary nozzles:

0 Degrees: This is the strongest and will remove all forms of debris, graffiti and sludge.

15 & 25 Degrees: These two are very similar, giving you a wider spray with less power depending on if you go wider. They both are very good are moving both kinds of grime and will be the likely main nozzles you’ll use.

40 Degrees: This is removes only top level dirt, so it’s great at cleaning away all the muck and then going back in with the smaller nozzles and getting deeper with it.

As you move further in the game you’ll unlock:

0 Degrees Rotating: This gives you some more range with the 0 degrees. It’s cheap at the start and helpful for cleaning higher locations from the ground.

Soap: Soap is expensive to use and has very little benefit other than cleaning up larger areas quickly (like the fire house stage). I would avoid soap at the start of the game and move to using it when you’re flush with funds.

Save & Unlock

In the shop is more power washers, nozzles and you can buy soaps. Soaps require refill (default R when on the soap nozzle) and are costly. Every other upgrade is permanent. You do have to re-buy the extensions and rotating nozzle/soap dispenser for each power washer you buy.

It’s better to upgrade your power washer so that your 15 & 25 degree sprays are stronger and you can use the 25 degrees more than the 15 degrees.

There’s a series of long and short nozzle attachments available in the shop. Over time it has expanded quite a bit, but focus on your power washer first.

Update your Game for the Classic Car Bug Fix

On the stage where you wash the classic car you can get into a situation where one “tyre” won’t get clean. There’s some helpful tips about soaping down the whole area and attacking the rear passenger “tyre” from range, but updating your game on Steam will fix that up for you.

You can also check out the developer fix if you’re stuck on an older version.

Items Have a Health Meter

At the very top left, you’ll see a bar that shows how much “grime” is left on any object along with the object type (for optimal soap usage). Use this to figure out if something is already clean or if you need to find that hidden grime.

image 1 1

Crouch, Crouch and Crouch

No better way to fight grime than to crouch. Many windows, stairs and other various house facades require you to crouch to get up under them and clean away some dirt. Most objects do not require 100% completion, but a lot of them do require you to at least get some of the dirt off the bottom. So be sure to crouch, default CTRL key.

Where’s the Hatch on the Mars Rover Level

Just follow the footprints.


Money Earning Tips

There is a set amount of money you earn from each level. There is no way to “farm” cash sadly. The only thing you can do is save and not waste money on soap. As you clean you’ll earn cash and that’s that! Everything can be cleaned in the game with your default kit, but you’ll definitely want to save your cash and use soap later in the game on the larger levels after you have all of your upgrades.

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