Star Trek Online Recurring and Recruitment Events Guide

Star Trek Online has events that happen at different intervals. There’s usually an event that’s the major campaign running roughly a full year long. Then there are the events inside of that campaign, each running roughly a month. Then there are seasonal events that occur each year. Finally there are recurring events and recruitment events that you should be on the lookout for.

The recurring events usually run a weekend, but some run a week. They provide bonuses to key gameplay mechanics from duty officers to currency. A lot of players hold resources for each of these events because it’s for instance the best time to open a lockbox (to get more mining claims) or when it’s time to upgrade items (saving their Phoenix Box upgrade tokens for the item upgrade weekend).

In our guide below we run down the recurring events and what bonuses they provide along with an overview of the recruitment events.

dilithium weekend event in the mission tab in sto
The recurring events are available in the missions tab on the Overview page.

Recurring Events

Admiralty Bonus Days: 50% more Admiralty campaign XP.

Bonus Experience Weekend: 2x bonus XP (great for leveling or grinding expertise)

Bonus Dilithium Weekend: You get double Dilithium at the asteroid claim (and double tickets in lockboxes), 50% Dilithium everywhere else and now you get 25 Dilithium drops at random while playing. A great way to farm dilithium.

Bonus Marks Weekend: 50% more reputation and fleet marks.

Item Upgrade Weekend: 2x Tech Points from upgrades (the only weekend to try for major upgrades).

Junior Officer Appreciation Weekend: 50% commendation XP, Very Rare duty officer per day (must visit faction academy) via Reinforcements mission, Junior Officer Appreciation Event also grants one (via a scanning event) and Duty Officer packs come with a free green Duty Officer (mini-packs excluded).

Research and Development Weekend: 50% bonus XP for R&D schools, 25% more materials from R&D packs from the Zen store and Queue packs and Harvest Nodes can reward dilithium.

Phoenix Pack Event: Usually a week long event that rewards a Phoenix Pack each day you visit Deep Space 9 or Drozana Station. Experimental Upgrade Tokens are also in the Phoenix store during the event.

Do not confuse the recurring events with sales. When there are for instance key and ship sales, those happen with similar cadence to the recurrent events and often in tandem.

Recruitment Event

Recruitment Events occur randomly and provide bonuses to new characters made during the event.

  • Delta Recruitment: Any 2409 Character
  • Temporal Recruitment: TOS Characters
  • Gamma Recruitment: Dominion Characters
  • Klingon Recruitment: Klingon Characters
image 2 6

Recruitment events are sporadic and can go years between the same one running. The rewards are unique to each recruitment event and appear in the form of a usable object in your inventory that tracks them. You should always make at least one character for each recruitment event so that you can have access to all of the items.

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