Supraland Spoiler Free Tips & Simple Walkthrough (PC / Switch)

Supraland is super fun, at least in my opinion. You have a game that basically has all the components you need – dark souls level combat, Metroid for the NES complexity to advance and Zelda like puzzles. Well, maybe it’s not as hard as a souls game and maybe Metroid for the NES is probably way more confusing, but I’ve had a blast with it.

We’ll start off with some general tips that’ll get you through 80% of the puzzles and then I’ll provide a very brief spoiler free walkthrough to get through the main story. The real point of the game is solving the puzzles, but there are a few areas where it can be a bit challenging.

At the end we give some more direct answers to common issues in the game to help you get past some of the more challenging parts.

Most of the same advice below works for the switch port.

Tips & Tricks

  • Think backwards from almost every puzzle. Look at the door to the next area, examine what opens it and work your way from there.
  • Don’t overthink the puzzles. Solutions are always very simple and you will always have what you need to advance.
  • Each puzzle area is full of secret areas that require upgrades and new equipment to reach. As you gain major upgrades in the game, returning to old levels will not only unlock faster traversal paths through it (and shortcuts) but you’ll find a variety of upgrades only unlockable with the new gear.
  • Force cubes can hold doors open.
  • Like the above tip, if you’re ever stuck thing of what each of your items do.
  • Sponges are easily looked over at the very start of the game, but later on have many uses. Remember they work with force beams.
  • Talk to every single NPC. Hints are given liberally by NPCs.
  • Explore everywhere to earn coins to buy upgrades. Without upgrades the combat can become extremely difficult.

Simple Spoiler Free Walkthrough

Starting Out

  • Don’t get too excited with secret hunting just yet. Every area is loaded with secret areas requiring upgrades you won’t have until you beat the game.
  • Force cube is very heavy. Seesaws are functional. Remember the force cubes weight later on.
  • Force cubes and barrels both press buttons.
  • Force cubes can stop platforms.
  • Red MacGuffin is at the top of the tower with the red crystal. You will require two levels of jump skills to get there which requires the first three golden barrels.
  • Mr. Miracle followers have yellow rings on their head. How can you make that happen for your friend?
  • Purple buttons are activated by force cubes.
  • You can bounce on shields.
  • Blue MacGuffin is inside the facility with the blue crystal in it.


  • This part can be hard. When you reach the facility, the front door is locked. You’ll need to puzzle your way around the side.
  • Remember what each of your tools do.
  • Once you’ve unlocked the facility, how would you get the supraball inside?
  • The yellow ring works with a supraball. What’s it connected to?
  • Supraballs ricochet.
  • Search all the corners.


  • Farm upgrades. It’s a tough battle to gate for the upcoming fights. Best just to get as many combat upgrades as possible.
  • The fight is very simple, turn off four generators and defeat Rattlehag.

The Path to the Purple MacGuffin

  • Anything metal is important from this point forward no matter where you are at in the game. If it’s metal there is likely a reason.
  • Anything metal can be moved if you’re nearby. This includes things in the ground.
  • The anvil needs to be elevated, but not by the force cube.
  • The supraball player puzzle requires you to open the door.
  • Batteries can be impacted by your gun.
  • Force cubes can sit on force beams.
  • Force beams can move other objects.
  • Alternative fire pulls objects together. You don’t have to be in front of the object for this to occur.

Carrot Area

  • You can recolor crystals. Remember this.
  • The barrel requires a jump pad.
  • Tree leaves fall if you hit the tree.
  • Talk to every single NPCs.
  • Purple crystals alone aren’t enough to destroy carrots.
  • Yes carrots hide things.
  • When you’re done with the carrot area remember that you can now break pixelated blocks with your sword.


  • Your mom can press buttons but how to get her to do it.
  • Remember that you can move boxes with your force beam.
  • Steel ball rolls down the bridge.
  • Force cube coins are earned in the area on the left.
  • Specific crystals go into the slots. Look into the distance.
  • The bridge to the throne room – the ball rolls down this bridge too, but not directly down.
  • How would the ball roll down and move to the side?
  • Remember you can remote trigger things.


  • Remember you can recolor bullets.
  • What conducts electricity?
  • You have to repaint them.
  • Red crystal tower hosts the green moons.

End Boss

  • The coloring machine isn’t how you recolor yourself.
  • The NPC has all the hints you need.
  • If you need more, see our guide to the end boss. Contains spoiler free and spoiler guides.

I know a lot of these are super vague, but the fun of the game is figuring things out yourself. I hope if you’re stuck this helps you move on!

Major Spoilers – Extra Hints

  • The Red MacGuffin is reachable by using the force cube and triple jump. You’ll use the force cube on the seesaw and then run through to the other side.
  • The Blue MacGuffin is in the facility. You’ll sneak the supraball into the side corner on the outside and get it from inside. The key is in another corner. You’ll throw the supraball through the yellow ring to jump to the top area. A force cube will stop the lift.
  • After the Blue MacGuffin you’ll be at a part where the NPC talks about doors being more than going through. If you open the door you can levitate up it because it’s metal. After that the anvil has to be elevated.
  • The Purple MacGuffin is past Rattlehag.
  • You can stomp graves. You can also bounce on them when the shield is up.
  • Paint a circle yellow and hold it over the dudes head to get him into the church.
  • Carrots are eaten by the purple flies. They follow purple crystals, purple translocator balls and force beams.
  • Water carries electricity. In one volcano level you just have to get the electricity to the water to take it to the next area.
  • Beams melt at 128 damage on the guns alt-fire. Each upgrade doubles it. DO NOT need it to finish the game.
  • Blueville’s final puzzle takes a lot. Put the metal ball at the top with a force cube. Break the hole on the side of the ramp so it can fall there and then draw a line so that the ball falls over the side with the force beam. Then use the force cube on the machine so that the ball rolls down and completes the circuit.

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