15 Tips to Being Better at Cliff Empire – Updated

Let's get to building.

Video game developer Lion’s Shade has released a rather unique city building game called Cliff Empire. The game allows players the ability to manage multiple cities at once, allowing for some rather complex circumstances. Consequently, finding success in Cliff Empire is no easy task. Here are ten tips to help you achieve your goals in this management game.

  • Utilize medium sized residences, not small housing. There is a plentiful supply of medium sized plots of land in this game. Consequently, you are better off housing your citizens in medium sized housing structures than smaller housing structures.
  • You can only receive a single loan at a time. There will be times when you are strapped for cash. But, don’t worry. You can request a loan from one of your neighboring cities. That being said, you can only be the recipient of a single loan at a time.
  • Know your limits. If you want to find success in Cliff Empire, then you are going to have to ensure a few basic resources. For instance, you will need a minimum 40% water and 40% of either wind, fish or sunlight when you begin the game. If you have less then that, surviving is going to be tough. Also, try to keep your population below 300. Having a larger population than this can prove troublesome after the early game.
  • Take advantage of the town hall. Once you have an established city, you are going to want to set up a town hall. Then, you can issue loans through your other cities. After allowing the interest to accrue over time, you can collect on the loans and earn some serious money. For more immediate money, develop a few town squares.
  • Any city can claim a reward. If you complete a task, you will be given the option to collect a profitable reward. However, you should not collect the reward right away. Rather, first select your poorest city. Then, allow that city to collect the reward.
  • Pay off your loans daily. If you recently received a loan, then you are going to want to pay back the loan in small portions every day. Otherwise, the 2.5% compound interest will quickly begin adding up.
  • Utilize your storage units. Much of playing Cliff Empire is about optimizing your building layouts. To that end, there are a few structures you should always place near your storage units. Matter mines, 3D printers and water stations all regularly utilize storage units, so keep them close at all times.
  • Only use small solar power stations when necessary. The large solar power stations require less workers to function, making them much more efficient than their smaller counterparts.
  • You can view a financial report from your bank. Once you have a bank installed, pause the game around the 0000 mark. Then, select your bank and clear its cache. Wait a full day and then pause the game at the next 0000 mark. Now you can click on the bank once more to view your financial report, revealing important expenditure and income data.
  • You will be fined if you do not complete a trade portal request. The trading platform will become functional at 0800 and will close at 1400. Within that time frame, you will have to complete all loading and unloading or suffer a fine. Make sure you have the storage space and drone force to clear these requests each day.
  • Sell matter before other resources. If you are interested in opening trade with other cities, the resource you are often going to find the most success selling is matter. It is highly profitable and usually in high demand.
  • Sometimes your citizens will leave. On occasion, you will notice that some of your citizens may have seemingly disappeared. Don’t fret. If a neighboring city has both available work and available housing, then some of your citizens may choose to permanently migrate.
  • Remember to remove goods from buildings before you destroy any structures. Sometimes you will find yourself needing to demolish a building. That being said, you should remove any stored items from that building first. Otherwise, you will end up losing all of those items.
  • Want to make some money? Trade resources with other communities. There are many ways to produce income within the title. That being said, the most lucrative option at your disposal is trading resources to other cities. However, you will want to wait until your resource of choice is in high demand among your potential buyers.
  • Place your storage units directly within the center of your community. Your drones will have to transport resources to and from your storage units. To cut down on the time consuming logistics, simply place your storage units as close to the middle of your community as you can.

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