Top Five Most Important Things to Know Before Playing Rust

Want to play this popular multiplayer game? Check out our quick tips down below.

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Facepunch Studios’ Rust may have started out as a DayZ clone, but the game has since taken on a life all of its own. Now over 12 months since its official release, this multiplayer survival game is still attracting a massive crowd. Consequently, we have put together a quick guide to the top five tips any new Rust player should know before they boot up Facepunch Studios’ famous title.

1. Focus on Your Tools Before Your Weapons

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After spawning into a server, you will be faced with the choice of garnering tools or garnering weapons. Mining nodes, hunting animals and building bases makes up a massive portion of this game. Consequently, you are going to want to build up your resources as fast as you can. In order to do this, you are going to need tools far more than you are going to need weapons. Some of the most important resources to look out for are wood, springs, gears, and rifle bodies. That being said, the bow is a great early game weapon to have at your side. It only costs 200 wood and 50 cloth to make, while the arrows cost 25 wood and 10 stone per batch.

2. Trust Absolutely No One

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Rust has a reputation for hosting merciless players. After all, this game is all about survival. Consequently, it is best to assume that every other player is out to get you. It doesn’t matter if you are simply farming or just spawned on the beach, players will target you.

Some players will attempt to side with you and form an alliance. Sometimes it pans out to join forces with other players. However, you should always be wary when around other players. It doesn’t matter if they are allies or not.

3. Make Use of the Revolver

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Once you have made it past the early stages of your game, you are going to want to get a better weapon. The revolver is the staple sidearm for many mid-game players. This weapon is highly accurate and deals significant damage. Inexpensive to use, this weapon uses basic pistol ammo. The low cost requirement for using this weapon combined with its impressive lethality makes it the perfect choice for any Rust player.

4. Collect More Wood

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Wood is vital to all players in Rust. Wood is used to build bases and simple weapons, as well as for higher tier items later in the game. Consequently, you are going to want to have wood nearby at all times. Always keep an eye out for more of this resource. Tree stumps are excellent sources of wood.

5. Run

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During the early portions of the game, combat is not advised. Combat is a vital part of the game’s provided experience. That being said, new players should try to avoid violence until they have a firm grasp of the game’s mechanics and effective strategies.

If you hear gunfire, run away. Either head for cover or head for your base if it is close enough. Either way, try to bulk up your resources, tool and weapons before engaging in combat. Once you are past the preliminary portions of the game, feel free to hunt down targets. After all, taking down other players can be a great way to snag some better loot.

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