Who is Tessa Elliot in Murder Drones

Find out the true identity of Tessa Elliot

There is a single living Human in Murder Drones, known as Tessa Elliot. After episode seven, we’re given enough information to say definitely who Tessa Elliott is: they are the current host of Cyn, the improperly dissembled worker drone who mutated the Absolute Solver virus. They’re the main antagonist and villain of the series and have been manipulating the Murder Drones the entire time.

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Tessa Elliot as a Human

Tessa Elliot is never shown fully as a Human in the series. In “Heartbeat” and “Home”, Tessa is shown as only a dark silhouette with nothing else but her dress and bow to identify her by. Tessa lived at Elliott Manor where many of the worker drones had previously worked. She loved playing dress up with the worker drones (giving them hair and clothes) and was absolutely fascinated by them. Tessa knew something was wrong with Cyn, but continued to keep the worker bot around, locked in the basement.

J is punished for something that Cyn did, resulting in Tessa having an argument with Cyn and Cyn showing their “eldritch form.” Various events unfold with N, V and J as they attempt to escape and defeat Cyn. In the end, Cyn wins and this is when Cyn ends Tessa and grafts their body onto their own.

Tessa Elliot on Copper 6

When Tessa lands on Copper 9, it’s actually Cyn and the AbsoluteSolver virus landing bringing along J with her. All of the events occur, occur with Cyn controlling Tessa and manipulating the other drones that she’s there to help them. The reveal that Tessa is actually Cyn is frequently foreshadowed:

  • Photos of Tessa Elliot are Redacted (Episode 6)
  • The sentinels still attack, even though their programming would prevent them and the way that Tessa uses their wound is unnatural. They can’t figure out if she’s human or robot.
  • Tessa shows no signs of pain from any injury outside of the very first injury.
  • Tessa has absolutely no emotion about other Humans.
  • J closes the door to the gala, meaning that Tessa was trapped.
  • Her suit ruptures are consistently non-issues.
  • Her body language / posture / arm placement is the same as Cyn

Before episode seven was released, it was a popular theory that Tessa was a host for AbsoluteSolver. That was proven in Episode 7, when at the end Tessa is defeated and then later gets back up and reveals themselves as Cyn.

Are There Any Humans Left?

If Tessa is out of the picture as a Human and with Copper 9’s atmosphere mostly gone and the planet falling apart, it’s not exactly sure if there are any remaining Human’s in the galaxy. All we know so far is the worker drones were able to continue after the Copper 9 core implosion.

There’s currently no proof or evidence that there are any remaining Humans, nor is there any definitive proof that there isn’t. It’s presumed that there still can be colonies across the exoplanets, but with Tessa confirmed not to be Human, it remains to be seen if Humanity has persisted in the Murder Drones universe.

cross usb used in murder drones, that tessa Elliot destroys
The USB drive that Tessa destroys.

Tessa is the One Responsible for Everything

While Tessa Elliot is shown as a lighthearted character throughout the series, this facade is nothing more than Cyn masquerading as a Human from JCJenson. Tessa is actually the root cause of all of the events in the series. When Cyn, a discarded Worker Drone, reboots, they’re found and taken in by Tessa.

Tessa, by not having Cyn disassembled, created the circumstances in which Cyn was able to mutate with AbsoluteSolver. Humanity then tried their best to fight back, hence the scene in the cathedral where they are attempting to use the AbsoltuteSolver cure to stop Nori. It’s important to note that Nori was originally taken out by the Disassembly Drones, so there was a time that the Disassembly Drones existed along with Humanity (and hence the anti-drone sentinels).

Had Tessa followed the proper protocols, Cyn wouldn’t have been able to release the amount of destruction they were able to provide. While Tessa Elliot is never really alive during the series, they still hold a lot of accountability for what was set into action.

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